Edwina – skating in her 70’s

Skatefresh would be nothing without our students. We are proud of and grateful to every single one of them, whether they’ve attended classes in London or Brighton or are using our training courses online.

Our most well-known student is Edwina Ellis (@edwina_l8rsk8r ) whose “Why I love to skate” video on Skatefresh’s YouTube channel has had 214k views and nearly 500 comments. From the comments on that videos it is clear that Edwina is an inspiration to skaters and non-skaters alike and proof that age does not need to stop play.

Today, Skatefresh and Edwina have made the front cover of the Independent @theipaper!
Journalist @rachaelpells recently learned to skate with Skatefresh in London (with our instructor Peter Hadfield) and writes about her experience and the importance of learning properly as a beginner. See the full article here: https://inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/coronavirus-lockdown-roller-skating-enjoys-pandemic-boom-825679

Learning to fall correctly, mastering the ready position, “pizza slice”, scissors, how to stop and how to glide – these are the absolute essential basics for any beginner skater.

As Edwina shows, it’s never too late to #learntoskate. Skating isn’t random and there are specific, subtle things we can do to improve our balance, stability & control. Get these basics right at the start, and you’ll skate smoother, safer and faster, for longer.

Edwina continues her road to stardom this month and is now the face of @sweatybetty’s
#RespectYourSweat campaign. She shares her skating story with #SweatyBetty, including the importance of taking lessons when learning to skate.


“It’s euphoric, like flying and when you get it right, you can’t even feel it. I started skating aged 69 and when people see my face and a bit of grey hair flying it makes them smile and laugh!”

Check out Edwina and her new Powerslide Hardcore Evos 3×100 triskates, filmed by the talented @stella_scott

See more from other inspiring women in the campaign @ree_valentine_ @bambailie @julieerogerss @thehijabiboxer

I think we could all use a bit of Edwina’s energy to kickstart week 2 of #Lockdown3 here in the UK.  It’s wonderful to see inline skating and the global boom in all things wheels being featured in mainstream media. Edwina was also a guest on BBC Radio 4’s World at One show on Tuesday 12th Jan 2021 (she’s about 10 minuets from the end of the program).


Should the next boom in skating be called “The Edwina Effect”?

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All images by @skaterstu_brightonskate