How To Quad / Roller Skate

Instruction for Roller Discos & Rinks

Fulfil your roller rink insurance and safety requirements of providing professional instruction (without having to hire and pay an actual coach).

This unique series of Quad / Roller skate lessons and Dance/Jam skating, is designed to be screened on the walls of your roller disco, providing the essential, technical information your customers need to be safe on the rink.

Created by a professional instructor using proven methods, these classes use video, symbols and text so the music on the rink never stops. Suitable for children and adults alike.

You need these courses if you;

Are worried

that your rink users may fall and get injured because they can’t skate or stop

Know that hiring a professional coach

for every session isn’t possible

Want to keep skaters safely occupied

& encourage skate dancing in the centre of the rink.

Course Benefits

Fast learning for children with a visual, demonstration led style.

Parents and children can learn together, whatever their current level.

A much cheaper alternative to hiring a professional roller skate instructor.

Play the videos on continuous loop throughout all sessions.

Makes skating instruction accessible to deaf children and adults.

Create community at your rink as people learn and practice together.

Create “Skate Dance Fever” as users jam together in the centre of the rink.

Get your rink users addicted to the fun of skating by learning safely, falling less and returning weekly.

You understand more quickly the essential technique focus points due to the simple and easy to follow graphics and text.

Course Contents


General Intro and Safety
Basic Skating (Free Trial)
Toe Stop Drag
Heel Stop
Scissors and Balance
Skate Faster


Parallel Turn
T-Stop (Free Trial)
Forward Crossovers
Backward Skating
Backward Crossovers


Walks and Pumps
Box Step (Free Trial)
New York Shuffle

Grab your Free Trial lessons from this series

Grab your Free Trial lesson from this Dance Course

“Asha inspired me a lot. The tutoring is professional. She makes it simple and easier to learn.
I give a rate of 10/10. A five star tutor”
– Tanaka Tapomwa

“Even without speaking Asha is able to teach the absolute fundamentals of quad skating in a way that makes sense, is super clear and allows me to really take in the information and reproduce it..”
– Bruce, San Francisco, USA

  • How to Quad / Roller Skate – All Visual Course – Beginner

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  • How to Quad / Roller Skate – All Visual Course – Intermediate

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  • How to Quad / Roller Skate – All Visual Course – Dance

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We used the Beginner and Intermediate All Visual courses in our roller discos, screened onto the wall and looped all evening.
It was a great way to provide professional instruction (and satisfy our insurers), and we saw the children picking up new skills each week from the video tips.
But what really surprised us was how much the adults LOVED to watch and copy the lessons and how their confidence grew where before they’d been scared stiff to get on the rink.

James, Roladsco, UK