3 wheel inline skates (Triskates) vs. 4 wheel inline skates

Do you remember back in the Spring I was asking for volunteers to participate in a Powerslide video? Well the video is out and it’s my Gift to you.

Today is my Birthday and I like to celebrate my life by spending time with my closest friends as time is the most precious gift we have to share.

Have you ever wondered if you are “good enough” to graduate onto 3 wheeled Triskates or even if it’s possible to learn to skate on 3 larger wheels. This video compare a group of learners on traditional 4 wheeled skates and a group on Triskates.

I really loved working with these two groups and actually being curious about the results of the skaters and I think their video diaries are a great way of seeing how skating creeps into our lives. I also think every one of them shines in this video, as an advocate for skating and the fun that it brings to us all.

One thing I have noticed with my students this summer in regards to 3 and 4 wheeled skates. If a skater has a technique issue (e.g. inside edge pronation) when skating on 4 smaller wheels, this issue will not miraculously disappear when they switch to Triskates. In fact it can be exaggerated by the additional height of the Triskates. Many people think that new or “better equipment” will make them skate differently and better. This is a huge misunderstanding in my opinion.

The quality of your technique is THE factor which will decide how you actually skate on 3 or 4 wheels and your bad habits will likely transfer easily with you to new skates. So work on your technique to avoid being disappointed when you buy new skates and the same stuff is still an issue. I’ve heard this complaint many times from students who were expecting Triskates to “make me skate well”. You are in charge of how you skate. Not your skates.

I think this video is a fantastic edit job by Tom Sharman, very dynamic and fun.