What Level Am I?

What Level Skater Am I?

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First time on skates, can’t skate, no idea how to stop on skates, scared witless… Don’t worry, you’re not alone! These options are for you: Beginners Group class or Private Instructor.


You can move forwards and sort of stop (but slopes still feel scary or impossible), and everyone else still look cooler. Improver tidies up the stopping and turning and gets into more speed and safety. Self taught beginners tend to start here.


You are ok with your heel brake stopping and the class begins with slope revision. You then increase your speed and efficiency and look at the cool parallel turns, agility exercises and dealing with simple surface obstacles.
There are one-off themed two-hour workshops which concentrate on Stops, Backward Skating, and Speed and Turns.  Also our one-Day Intensive Workshops for Improver/Intermediate skaters are great for consolidating all the skills you have recently learned.


These two-hour classes build your backwards skating repertoire to include Crossovers and Crossunders, Grapevine, Barrel Roll, spins, jumps, sliding stops and tricks. Three turns and cool looking sequences will be yours.  Skaters at this level can progress faster by also attending the One Day Intermediate/Advanced Workshops.