Video tutorial on how to skate correct edges. Useful for all skate skills and tricks.

Here’s a new Skate Video Tutorial, this time not on one particular skill but on the basic grounding of edges. Which edge do we want in each situation and which edge do we have and how to fix incorrect edging such as inside edge pronation. This video tutorial is useful for all inline skaters of all abilities as well as quads skaters and those playing Roller Derby.

My theories on edges are identical on quads as on rollerblades and the knee movement to achieve it is the same, only on quads there is a little bit more movement laterally with the knee for an outside edge but it is still identical in form.

I hope this video tutorial gives you some simple practice you can do each time you skate. Toe Roll exercises are excellent for training our edges. If you are more beginner then you are aiming to get from inside edges onto centre edges. If you are more intermediate then you are going from centre edges to outside edges. If you are more advanced then you are developing your outside edge control with progressively tighter turns and more weight on the support leg in toe roll position.

Enjoy. Please leave comments below either here or on the Youtube video. I answer these personally each week. Let me know if this helps and if you have any problems.