“So how are the Skatefresh Apps going”?

Recently since delving into the world of online video skate tutorials with the SKatefresh Apps, I am being asked by a lot of people, ‘So how are your apps doing’? The only answer I can give is ‘fabulously,’ because I am receiving some truly wonderful feedback. I am in love with the internet and how it allows me to connect with my customers, hear feedback and work on improvements. I am so delighted to know from the experiences of my app students worldwide that my basic ideas and theories about skating are working! The apps are doing exactly what I knew they could do; give detailed technical information about skating that helps someone to relax, skate well and ultimately experience more aliveness, fitness and ‘feeling great-ness’ from their skating.

These comments from a recent app customer in North America made me laugh with joy this week. So, I thought I’d share with you;

 “As I mentioned, I joined a 9-week adult rollerblade course in my city. For the first four classes, there was one poor student who spent most of the time on the ground. Poor him! He looked so discouraged. Anyhow, I took him aside and explained to him your amazing technique for beginners, particularly bent-knee, ankle-into-the-cuff and the pizza-slice position. I swear, I turned my head for one split second, and when I turned back, he was flying down the arena! He had the BIGGEST smile and kept saying “Thank you, thank you, you made my day!!”. I just laughed and said “don’t thank me, thank Asha”.

 I started this April and skate almost everyday in a huge parking lot near my house. I have worked my way up to “Fitness Training” in the Intermediate App. I still have a LOT of work to do, but your training made the experience SOOOOO enjoyable. Can’t thank you enough, really. Mind you, I am working my butt off HAHA. But I really love it.

 My wife recognizes your voice now because I play the videos so often LOL.”

Nothing makes me happier than this stuff. If we are ever pleased with someone’s work, it’s a really, really lovely gift to tell them. I am so grateful for the positive feedback coming my way these last few months. Thank you.