Skatefresh Refreshes First Aid


SKATEFRESH REFRESHES FIRST AIDOn a rainy Sunday in March it actually felt quite productive to be by the Thames re-doing our First Aid qualifications with Ross Boushear, the only First Aid Trainer who is also an old school skater (he passed his ICP level 1 instructor certification even before Asha, so that’s pretty old school)! Asha, Nick and Hugh from Skatefresh all attended in order to renew our outdated certificates.

We spent the day differentiating between our RICEs (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) and our DRABs (Danger Response Airway Breathing), practising our CPR and wound bandaging. The course covered normal HSE First Aid material but also included some skate specific areas such as wounds, head injuries, spinal injuries and heat exhaustion/mild hypothermia (which Asha has a suspicious feeling she has been suffering from all winter in Hyde Park)!

SKATEFRESH REFRESHES FIRST AIDWe can highly recommend Ross’s courses whether for your work place or for skaters such as instructors, marshals and event organisers. He knows his stuff and I am left this evening feeling slightly queezy thinking about all the things that can go wrong with our human bodies but also so grateful that in the 13 years Skatefresh has been in action, we have only seen 2 small fractures in class and no head injuries. We am very proud of our safety record and simply hope we never have to use this important knowledge that we acquired.






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