Skatefresh gets kids skating in Lewisham

Skatefresh have been helping Lewisham council with an unusual problem: young people on skates holding onto moving cars. Over several weeks of workshops, Skatefresh instructors have been motivating children and young people to try out other forms of skating such as slalom and dance and also develop their existing skills.

‘Trailing’ (holding onto cars) will hopefully feel less of a challenge when compared to mastering a grapevine or slalom move. On some locations, a skate park already exists and their basic ramp skills (all on quads) were impressive. However, very few could skate well backwards, do transitions or combinations and all enjoyed seeing and copying and learning some new tricks.

Skatefresh are trying to encourage the housing development officers to investigate further skate location provision (such as concrete smooth areas for skate dance, slalom and skills work) as this will provide an alternative to reckless street skating.

We look forward to further collaborations with Lewisham and other local authorities with regards to skate provision and development.

This in an area that Asha is particularly passionate about; facilitating more young people to enjoy skating.