Online Video Coaching with Asha

Asha started Video Coaching in 2015 when Disney asked her to train 15 actors in Argentina for their hit show “Soy Luna”. She did this remotely for 10 months.

Video Coaching is the ideal way to get Asha’s expert eyes on your skating and work at your own pace on whichever skills are important to you.

Your coaching begins with a 30min off skates Skype video call with Asha where she ensures you have all the basic information and definitions she’ll be using in the sessions and you’ll jointly decide on your chosen skills and priorities.

Most people focus on their;

  • Skating Stride
  • Stops and Slides
  • Turns
  • Backward Skating
  • Transitions
  • Tricks and Combos

Your coaching then begins when Asha receives the first video of your chosen skill(s) which she then analyses via WhatsApp Audio and WhatsApp Video clips. Asha’s audio analysis will tell you what’s correct and what aspects of the skill still need improving, tweaking or rebuilding.

In these personal videos (either on or off skates) she explains the exercise movement, positions, weight distribution, body rotation and other important details.

“Asha has a knack of pinpointing what’s missing and communicating this clearly and quickly so I know exactly what to do next. I love being able to practice a little or a lot depending on what’s going on in my life, so there’s no pressure.”
– Simon Grant, Delaware, USA

These exercises are your “Homework” to practice and you can take however long you need until you choose to show Asha how they are getting on. A subsequent video of the exercises will then be corrected and if needed more challenging exercises added to the Homework list…..until the skill is complete. Depending on the skill difficulty (and your current level), this can be between 2-7 exercises.

Sometimes a skill is already “learned” but it doesn’t flow or can’t be done at higher speeds so here the full skill is filmed and analysed and corrections made until it is performed to your satisfaction.

Asha also encourages ‘skill sequencing’ which helps you creatively link together your perfected skills into short, impressive, spontaneous looking ‘flows’.

“I live in Canada and have found Asha’s online Video Courses to be invaluable to my skating development. But having her comment on my skills directly is like the icing on the cake and it’s been an eye opener as she notices things I’m not aware of. She hones my attention to the important parts which then miraculously change for the better.”

Video coaching is sold in 1 hour slots and it can take several weeks or months to use up an hour of Asha’s time in these short audio and video clips. You set the pace. Asha responds within 3 days of receiving your content.

This has become a popular present you can give to the skate friend who has everything.