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Welcome to your All Visual Quads Dance course!

Congratulations for choosing to develop your dance skating using a professional method that’s already been used by a tribe of quad skaters worldwide.

I’m excited for you as I’m sure this course will open up a whole new world of ‘conscious dance practice’, which will make your skating even more fun and engaging.

All the content in this course is video based with just visuals and no audio. This means you can play your own music as you practice and adjust the tempo for your skating. You want to become very familiar with the exercises shown in the videos, the names, shapes and options shown on how to practice.

I suggest you view these videos off skates first and then later on skates to remind you of exactly what and how to practice.

By learning to dance in this way you’ll become more aware of your movements which will help you consciously gain control and stability on your wheels. And that will make things feel amazing!

Now you can Download and read the “How to Use this Course” document from the Materials tab above, and then start watching the videos.