Video Tutorial: How to fix pronation

The feeling of skating is wonderful right? Who doesn’t love the freedom and flow in our bodies as we zoom along in the open air and enjoy ourselves.
Then someone shows you a video and the reality is that very often our ‘zooming along’ can actually look a bit like Bambi and our stride isn’t how we imagine it in our heads. We may never have noticed that we pronate on one or both skates. Some people are aware they are pronating but have no idea why this is caused and how to therefore fix it.
A very common problem with both Beginner skaters and those intermediates who have moved onto speed skates is pronating onto inside edges while striding. Nothing will ruin the ‘look’ of your skating more than a slight inside edge on your support leg, plus it will rob you of a longer more professional looking glide.
This video tutorial gives you my 2 step quick-fix for inside edge pronation in any position (one foot glide, scissors, scooters etc). Too many people are struggling with poor edge control and it effects every aspect of your skating and unfortunately the overlook look of your skating too.
Fix this and you will look like a different skater.
You WILL also I guarantee you, skate faster when you sort out your inside edge pronation.
Enjoy this mini-class and let me know in the comments section on the Blog how you get on. Have you noticed any differences in your stride from doing these 2 exercises regularly?
I’d love to know….. Hope this helps.
Check out the video lesson here;