Welcome to the Skatefresh Family!

Thank you & well done for taking your skate life seriously. We hope you enjoy your taster lesson. You are now part of our club of skaters who are all keen to learn.

I know you will enjoy the extra detail and subtleties that I’ll share with you here. You now have access to all the information that I usually only share during in-person classes (there’s a lot I don’t share in my YouTube videos).

Here, you will learn what it takes to avoid embarrassing ‘trial and error learning’ and finally get the freedom, flow and FUN that you want from your skating.
I hope that you can invest the time to watch and use the lessons. That’ll help both your theoretical understanding and your actual skating.

It is only in the doing that we can truly ‘know’ anything, right?

Enjoy using this taster class and imagine I’m skating next to you while you practice (with my eyes firmly glued to your knee bend!) I’ve been told this imagined ‘Ghost of Asha’ works wonders if you’re training alone.

I’ll be in touch soon to let you know how I can support you further and how you can join the Skatefresh community of skaters working with themselves, on wheels.

Skate Well
Feel Alive