Washington D.C. – Wizard Skating & Advanced Skills – Sun 23rd June 2024 @1130-1430


Jones Point Park in Alexandria, VA (under the bridge near the public restrooms)

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This Wizard class is a natural continuation from our Backwards & Transitions class and looks at developing your backwards skating so you can transition multiple ways with confidence & link together skills for impressive looking Wizard flows.

You can do this workshop on a flat set up or a rockered Wizard set up. Suitable only for inline skaters.

What you'll learn:

  • 4 essential training positions for backwards success
  • Gazelles (forwards & backwards)
  • Assisted 3 Turns (Cheetahs) - preparation for 3 Turns (Lions)
  • How to safely increase the speed of your Mohawk transitions

The best preparation for this class is to attend our Backwards & Transitions lesson to ensure you haven’t skipped any foundation skills.

Helmets are compulsory for classes due to the National Park Permit obtained for the event.