San Francisco: Urban Skate Skills – Sun 14th July 2024 @1600-1800


Location: JFK Promenade, Golden Gate Park

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Skating on streets and pavements is challenging and too many skaters embark on this journey without the necessary skills to keep them safe and efficient. In this class you'll learn;
  • How to accelerate efficiently (so you have the speed to safely roll over surface obstacles).
  • How to skate over rough surfaces.
  • How to handle surface obstacles, bumps, metal covers & cracks.
  • How to use your best stopping methods in emergency situations.
  • How to skate up and down kerbs safely (so you can easily swap from road to pavement and vice versa).
  • How to safely skate over train tracks.
PLEASE NOTE: In order to attend this class you:
1. Need to have at least 2 functional stopping methods and be able to do a rolling scissor position for several metres.
2. Need to have completed either "Stops & Slides 2" and/or "Stride/Fitness Optimizer”. You cannot street skate safely if you can’t stop or push, glide & control your edges.