San Francisco: Stops & Slides Level 2 – Sun 14th July 2024 @1300-1500


Location: JFK Promenade, Golden Gate Park

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This class will look at the more challenging sliding stops and how best to combine different stopping methods for maximum efficiency and safety on the flat and on slopes.

What you’ll learn;

  • Powerslide (from a forwards entry using your favourite transition and favourite sliding leg)
  • Soul Slide (the ‘forwards powerslide, used by the downhillers for a reason).
  • Powerstop (or Turn stop variations)
  • Magic Slide (for those with a successful pre-requisite Soul Slide)
  • How to control your speed (for future use on slopes) by combining different stopping skills and how to come to a complete stop in an emergency.

(We will take a break during this class at 2pm to watch the dancing “Showcase” at 6th Avenue skate space. When that concludes we’ll continue class. I don’t want to miss it!)