Perth – Downhill – 1 November 2020 @1430-1630


Location: T.B.A.

There’s nothing like the feeling of spontaneous downhill acceleration to put you into blind panic in seconds. The most serious of skate accidents happen on slopes and usually not very steep ones!

To participate in this class you must have attended the Stops and Slides class (Sat 25th April, see above) as a pre-requisite. Only when you have several stopping methods learned can you begin combining them to produce smooth and efficient combos that control your speed and stop you on slopes.

This class will be conducted on a slope where the safe way to approach and train on downhills will be followed (we will not begin by bombing it from the top!) The exact location will be announced after Asha has inspected the possible hills and chosen the most appropriate one for the class.

This class will explore the concept of ‘bombing’ down a slope but from a progressive perspective. Too many skaters experience high speed wipe outs on slopes and this comes from disregarding basic slope principles.

This class will change your life by changing how you view and handle down hills forever. It will also clearly set your training path alight with what your next steps in the coming weeks will be.