NYC: Turns & Crossovers – Sun 30th June 2024 @1000-1200


Location: Pier 76 Hudson River Park

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Confident and fluent turns (in both directions) are obviously essential skills for cornering, but they’re also prerequisites for any turn stops and the Powerstop (which is on most intermediate skaters’ wish list).

In this class you will learn and improve;

  • Parallel Turns (both directions & varying sizes)
  • Anti-parallel Turns (both directions)
  • Lunge Turns (both directions & varying sizes)


Forward Crossovers when done well should create smooth acceleration and admiring glances. But often they create anxiety and have a low(ish) upper speed limit. Make your weaker side feel a lot less weird.

This class is highly recommended if you are wanting to attend Stops & Slides 2 (unless your Lunge turns are already 2m in diameter).

PLEASE NOTE: This group lesson is not appropriate for beginner level skaters.