Melbourne – Beginners & Advanced Beginners 19 Nov 2020 @1900-2100


This class will change the way you skate forever! You’ll feel confident and secure as you skate and know how to stop whenever you need to.

Most skaters are self-taught or have taken tips from friends, better skaters and YouTube. This leaves a lot of room for unclear or contradictory instructions and unsatisfying rewards.

Skating follows basic rules and principles of physics (gravity + velocity) so we can predict what can go wrong and why and therefore how to fix it. But better still, why not skate correctly from the beginning and not have bad
habits to correct later on?

This class will cover basic movement, acceleration, safe cruising, heel brake stopping and turning.

Please make sure your skates have a heel brake. If they do not, please consider the following. Without a heel brake you are choosing to remove the easiest and most effective stopping method from your repertoire and relying on much harder, intermediate level stopping techniques like the T- Stop. Nothing will stop you dead like a well implemented heel brake stop.

Would you remove the brakes from a bike or car and think that was ok?
Learning to heel brake will be the absolute marker of when your skating begins to improve in all directions. If you can’t stop well when you want to, your body will self-sabotage the entire process.