Glasgow Improvers/Intermediates Sun 3rd April 2022 @ 1130-1330


The Arc Recreational Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow G4 0BA

This multi-skills class will improve your skating, identify & fix your bad habits and give you months worth of correct practice exercises that will make 2022 the year you fell in love with skating….again! After this class you will know exactly what needs your focus and feel instant benefits from that focus. Let the “Ahh-haa” moments begin….

It is possible to do both of the Sunday workshops, revising the basics and moving on to this intermediate class.

What Will You Learn?

T-Stops – so they actually stop you on both sides.
Skating technique to go faster. Learn what correct skating is and is not and several drills to keep using so you can monitor and continue to improve your push, glide and regroup.
Parallel or Lunge Turns (& Turn Stops). Control the size and shape of your turns until you can use them to stop.
Backward skating. Begin or refine your backward skating journey by understanding how to create propulsion, steering and balance while going backwards.
Backward Stops. Depending on your experience, various methods available including the reverse plough stop and powerslide.

10% discount available for Tryskating regulars or members of Mean City Roller Derby Team