Essential Stops & Slides Saturday 4 April 2020 @ 1300 – 1600


Start: April 4, 2020 From: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Essential Stops & Slides Saturday 4 April 2020 @ 1300 - 1600 #1


If you can’t stop well using various methods your skating in general will suffer and you won’t make progress in other areas.

After learning and mastering the Heel brake Stop and Plough Stop in our Beginner and Improver classes you’ll want to “graduate” onto more complex and cool looking Stops, Slides and combos.

If you skate without a heel brake then you MUST keep your stopping methods under review and ensure they stop you from your normal medium and high speed skating. Most non heel brake users struggle with high speed or downhill stopping. Don’t be one of them!
This 3hr workshop will develop the skills you need so you have a selection of stopping options up your sleeve for any given situation. Stopping is the hardest skill set to fully master, but your enjoyment and safety on skates depends on your stopping methods being ‘fluent’.

Please note: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh - Click Here for Lesson Requirements page

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