Dublin Stride & Turns Optimiser Sat 7 Oct 2023 @ 1400-1600


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Every inline & quad skater spends most of their time on skates JUST SKATING! However, if your skating stride lacks correct technique, you will not get the fitness benefits that skating offers and you may create bad habits over time that can lead to ‘slow onset injuries’ particularly if you skate distances (e.g. ankle, knee, hip pains from persistent pronation on an inside edge).

What you’ll learn;

  • An efficient push, comfortable glide & a regroup that doesn’t V.
  • The Stride Training Sequence. The drill to keep you on track for months/years to come.
  • Parallel Turns (in both directions).

“This class transformed my skating. Feels great to be on the right path now and I understand what a workout skating should be if you’re doing it right.” – Analise (46) Belgium

PLEASE NOTE: This group lesson is appropriate for every level of skater except complete beginners.