Belgium Double Push 8 May 2022 @1300-1500


Location: Trax Skatepark, Beversesteenweg 67A 8800 Roeselare, Belgium
Duration: 2 hrs

This Double Push workshop is ideal for those who are learning it from scratch or those who are self-taught but know there is something still lacking.
We will work through a series of progressive training drills that show you how the double push is different from other strides.
In this workshop you’ll learn;

  • How to create additional propulsion from the ‘second’ push (first on 2 legs, then 1 leg assisted and finally only 1 leg).
  • How to use the ‘edge roll’ from outside to inside edge to produce more power.
  • How the double push set down is different from other strides.
  • How to train the double push in slow-motion so you have time to integrate all the elements over time.

This workshop will leave you with a clear step-by-step training pathway to learn and master the Double Push over the next few months.