Crossovers & Turns Saturday 30 May 2020 @ 1100 – 1300


Start: May 30, 2020 at 11:00 am Finish: January 30, 2020 at 1:00 pm

Crossovers & Turns Saturday 30 May 2020 @ 1100 - 1300 #1


Making turns and crossovers look smooth will set you apart from other skaters and build your confidence, as well as preparing you for several new stopping methods that rely on fluent turns as their prerequisite (Turns Stops, Hockey Stop).

We’ll perfect your Parallel Turns and Lunge Turns in both directions and you’ll understand and know how to make your turns smaller and tighter when needed.

Do you ever feel unstable after doing some forwards crossovers? 

Can you do them continuously one after the other without having a “freak out” moment?

No forward skill creates such risks as the crossover and getting it wrong can be the cause of many intermediate level falls.

Come and discover exactly how to make your crossovers safe and comfortable as well as fun and accelerating.

Finally, we’ll mix together your turns and crossovers to give you powerful and cool-looking turn sequences that few skaters can do, let alone do well.

Please note: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh - Click Here for Lesson Requirements page

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