Brighton Stops, Slides & Slopes Skating Lesson Monday 11 July 2022 @ 1830 to 2000


Start: July 11, 2022
From: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Brighton Stops, Slides & Slopes Skating Lesson Monday 11 July 2022 @ 1830 to 2000 #1


Location: Most easterly point of Madeira Drive, close to the Marina near the car park, at the top of the hill.
Duration: 1.5hrs

This special workshop will help to prepare you for the summer street skating season in Brighton. Unless you can control your speed and stop completely on down hill slopes, you should not be participating on mass group skates.
This workshop is suitable for inline and quad skaters and will use both flat areas and a downhill slope to train your methods. The following straight line stops will be taught and polished and then used on the slope.

  • T-Stop + Toe Stop Drag (quaddies)
  • Plough Stop + Stepping Plough Stop
  • Powerslide (inlines) + Back Toe Stop (quaddies)

When taking these stops to the slope, you'll discover whether they are fluent enough to stop you in a controlled and structured environment and give you an accurate assessment of your safety on slopes.


You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh
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Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel at least 48hrs before your lesson, we can offer you a refund or we can rebook you on another lesson.
If you give us at least 24 hours notice of your need to cancel, we will credit your payment toward a future class.
No refunds will be offered for cancellations less than 24hrs before the class.
COVID: If you test positive, to qualify for a future class, please send us a photo of your test or NHS ping screen.

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