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Adult Beginner Classes in Brighton

12pm – 1.30pm.  Cost £15
Start at the very beginning with safety stuff, gentle stride and of course stopping (using your heel brake or toe stops).

Adult Improver Classes in Brighton

1.30pm – 3pm. Cost £15
Start at Improver level if you have taught yourself to skate (on either inlines or quads) and can get around on your wheels but your heel brake stopping isn’t working well and you don’t feel secure on slopes or in emergency situations. Or you’ve completed our Beginner class and want to take things to the next level. The focus point of  Improver  is to increase your confidence by learning (and mastering) to stop correctly.

Adult Intermediate Workshops in Brighton

3.30pm – 5pm. Cost £15
Intermediate level is for skaters wanting to learn new stops, backwards skating and confident turns.  We will also look at improving your stride, speed and crossovers.

Adult Advanced Workshops in Brighton

5pm – 6pm. Cost £10
Polish your backwards skating and hone your transitions, jumps, spins, back crossovers, three turns and other requested moves. Let us know what you’d like to cover.

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