Belgium: Stops & Slides Skating Lesson [date & time]


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About the Stops, Slides & Slopes Lessons

The most important of ALL skills on inline skates or roller skates is how to stop and every skater should have several high functioning stopping methods in their repertoire. We begin with the easier stops and work through to the more complex ones.

The majority of rollerbladers and quad skaters do not realise that by neglecting their stopping methods they not only increase their risks of falls and injuries but also reduce their learning of other skills such as speed skating.

This workshop is NOT suitable for beginners (who should focus 100% on mastering the Heel Brake Stop before any other methods).

In this class you will learn;

  • Plough Stop (2 versions)
  • T-Stop (so that it actually stops you)
  • Turn Stops (Parallel Turn and Lunge Turn variations)
  • Powerslide (forwards and backwards entry)
  • How to control your speed on slopes by combining different stopping skills and how to come to a complete stop in an emergency.

It is possible and appropriate to take this workshop many times as you progress. It's the most efficient way to get Asha's first hand training and each time you repeat it you'll be learning new aspects of those skills until they are perfect from high speeds (then you're ready for the Advanced class).