Backwards & Transitions – Saturday 16 November 2019 @ 1430 – 1630


You don’t need any backwards experience to join this class, but if you are already skating backwards you will revise the basics and discover how your weak side is causing havoc with your backwards skating. You will learn 4 different methods of backwards propulsion, 2 simple backwards stops and begin your journey into transitions (forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards).
If you are an advanced intermediate and are struggling with backwards crossovers or crisscross (for example), this in-depth review of backwards basics will enlighten you to the ‘gaps’ in your knowledge and muscle memory. Many report that their advanced backwards moves improve significantly after this class.

Prerequisites before booking this lesson

You must be able to skate forwards competently but need no backwards experience to book this class. If you are already skating backwards you will learn more advanced backwards skills. Ideally, you will have completed the One Day Intensive Lesson before booking this lesson.


The Boathouse,
Serpentine Road, Hyde Park,
London, W2 2UH United Kingdom