Belgium Advanced Skills (Backwards, Crossovers, Transitions & Combos) 7 May 2022 @1600-1700 & 8 May @1030-1230


Location: Trax Skatepark, Beversesteenweg 67A 8800 Roeselare, Belgium
Duration: 3hrs (split over 2 days)

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop takes place in 2 parts over the 2 days to ensure optimum absorption of information.

This class is a natural continuation from the Backwards & Transitions class and looks at developing your backwards skating so you can transition with confidence and link together skills for impressive looking flows.

In Part 1 (Saturday) you’ll learn;
  • The 4 essential positions for advanced backwards success
  • Conscious control of edges backwards (turns awareness)
In Part 2 (Sunday) you’ll learn:
  • How to safely increase your backwards speed
  • How to safely increase the speed of your transitions
  • Backward Inverted T-Slide
  • Backward Crossovers
  • Backwards Inverted Mohawk (or other preferred combo)