Advanced Skating Lesson – Saturday 9 May @ 1400 – 1700


The Advanced skating workshops will get to the technical heart of your skating. Asha’s expert techniques allow you to progress through each skill step by step in a way that will allow first time learning and higher level polishing to take place in the same class. Advanced skills don’t get ‘learned’ in a day, they are a process of mixing specific body movements in a carefully planned order so that you increase your ability each time you practice correctly. You will have a logical ordering of exercises (for each skill) which will structure your practice to guarantee post-class improvement.

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Gladstone Park, North London
The Tennis Courts, Gladstone Park, Kendal Road, London, NW10 1JH
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Start: May 9, 2020 From: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Advanced Skating Lesson - Saturday 9 May @ 1400 - 1700 #1