Advanced Skating Lesson 19th Jun 2021 @1000-1200


Time: 1000-1200
Location: Serpentine Road, Hyde Park, London
Duration: 2hrs

About the Advanced Skate Lessons

Want to get to the technical heart of your skating? Progress and perfect your backward skating, transitions and combinations of moves to make you stand out.

Achieve your skating dreams (and avoid injury) by learning with one of the world’s top professional instructors.

What will you learn?

A mix of skills is chosen from this list at each Advanced workshop depending on the needs and requests of participants.
19th June 2021 will certainly include backward stops (Inverted T, Powerslide, back plough, backwards striding at higher speeds, back crossovers in combos with parallel turns or crossunders.

  • Effective Stops that work from your highest speeds.
  • Backwards Skating; Confident strides, safety for obstacles, backward stops.
  • Backwards Crossovers
  • Backwards Crossunders
  • Backwards Powerslide (forward entries)
  • Backwards T-stops (normal and inverted)
  • Backwards Inverted Mohawks
  • Combinations of Transitions eg. Barrel rolls
  • Jumps, tricks, pivots, spins.

Advanced skills are not usually learned in a day. You will work through a logical ordering of exercises (for each skill) that will structure your practice to guarantee post-class success.


You need to be comfortable with general backwards skating and already be doing a transition. If you want to start backward skating, join our Intermediate Backwards & Transitions Lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh
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