Saturday 10 September 2022

Join Asha for a one day Skatefresh Trip of Stops and Skills Training combined with Street Skating around Portsmouth & Southsea

This trip is a mixture of class time and street skating, giving you the opportunity to improve your stopping skills, control on slopes, skating stride, street skills and general skating under Asha’s watchful eye and top-notch technical instruction.

This trip is for inline skaters only, unless you are a very experienced street skating quaddie.

Portsmouth is the ideal skate town, being completely flat and boasting some superb smooth surfaces. We will also enjoy perfect tarmac for our class locations and be marshalled by local skaters (so we won’t get lost).

The fee includes all skating, guiding and teaching. Travel and food are not included. Asha will be working with each skater throughout the day individually and in groups to identify your sticking points, fix bad habits and push your skating to the next level.

This trip was previously planned as a 2 day trip but is now a 1 day trip on Saturday 10th September.


Saturday 10th September 2022

Meeting Point: Triangle Skate Area (Eastney Esplanade)


Time: 0930

We begin the Trip with a stopping class to make sure everyone is road worthy & safe. We’ll look at Plough stops, T-stops, Soul slides and combos of these stops, all on a smooth flat surface.

After a break we will then take to the streets to put our stops into practice at junctions with cars! We will spend some time honing your stopping methods on a downhill slope so you can confidently control your speed AND stop on hills (something every skater wants).

We’ll also look at your street skating stride technique and ease over obstacles with some kerb technique and practice as well.

We’ll stop for lunch in Palmerston Road where you can choose from various restaurants to suit your taste.

After lunch we then street skate again, seeing more of the city and end the day in another large, open, smooth location for our General skills class (turns, crossovers, backwards).

We aim to end by about 4:30-5:30pm

(an open return train ticket gives you flexibility).


Cost of the trip is £85

Places are strictly limited and we must receive your payment in order to reserve you a place on the trip.

Cost includes classes and guiding.

Cost does not include any extras such as accommodation, travel, insurance, food or drink.

How To Apply for the Trip:

If you are applying for the trip and we already know you from a previous Skatefresh Trip:

Please email bookings@skatefresh.com to register your interest.

If you have never been on a previous Skatefresh Trip:

Please email bookings@skatefresh.com and she will send you a questionnaire about your skating skills and instructions for filming a video of yourself skating to support your application.

Ability Level Requirements

This trip is NOT appropriate for beginner skaters and all participants must be able to skate and stop confidently (using at least the heel brake). If you do not use a heel brake then you must be able to control your speed and stop on downhill slopes using any other stopping methods. The ability level of participants on the Trip needs to be closely matched so that the chosen terrain and average speeds can be appropriate for everyone and allow for greater learning.

Please do NOT make any travel or accommodation arrangements until you have been officially accepted onto the Trip (by email).


Please only book any travel arrangements once you received confirmation from Skatefresh that you have been accepted onto the trip.

What To Bring

Rucksack for your things (but please try to pack light).
Light Shoes
Protective gear and helmet (compulsory for all street activities with Skatefresh).
Change of socks (nice for after lunch)