Group Skating Lessons Sat 11 & Sun 12 March 2023

Melbourne is Asha’s destination in March 2023 for a weekend of workshops designed to take your skating to the next level. She will show you lots of correct training practice drills, so that you continue to progress for months after the classes.

Saturday 11 March

Stops and Slides (Level 1)
Backwards & Transitions
Speed and Fitness

Sunday 12 March

Jumps & Crossovers
Stops & Slides (Level 2)
Wizard Skating

If you’ve enjoyed Asha’s Youtube tutorials then an entire weekend of her patient and detailed teaching will open your eyes and body to what’s been missing in your skating and how to ‘level up’ with a clear pathway. Don’t miss this opportunity to make 2023 your skating year to shine!

Check the workshop descriptions for detailed skills lists to help you decide what you should attend. Inline and quad skaters welcome. Asha will be wearing inlines but she is very familiar with quads and always teaches both in the same classes. Any differences in technique or practice will be explained.

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are for improver & intermediate level skaters and above. They are not appropriate for complete beginners.

Location for all Melbourne Lessons:

Melbourne Museum

Asha will be attending the Melbourne Wednesday Night Skate on 8th March 2023.
Check MIQSS Facebook page for details nearer the time.

Saturday 11 March 2023

Melbourne Stops & Slides (Level 1) Sat 11 Mar 2023 @ 1000-1200

The most important of ALL skills on inline & roller skates is how to stop and every skater should have several, high functioning stopping methods in their repertoire (to avoid accidents and injuries). This workshop looks at the easier stops, while “Stops, Slides & Slopes Level 2” looks at the more challenging methods.

The majority of skaters do not realise that by neglecting their stopping methods they not only increase their risks of falls and injuries but also reduce their learning of other skills such as speed skating, crossovers and street skating.

What you’ll learn;

  • Plough Stop (2 versions)
  • T-Stop (so that it actually stops you)
  • Turn Stops (various options – prerequisite for Powerstop)
  • Combinations of these stops so they work from your highest speeds and on slopes.

This 2 hr workshop is NOT suitable for beginners, who should focus 100% on mastering the Heel Brake Stop or Toe Stop Drag before any other methods.

$45.00 USD – approx. 65 Aus$

Melbourne Backwards & Transitions Sat 11 Mar 2023 @ 1230-1430

This lesson is for those new to backward skating or those who have taught themselves but skipped the basics and are stuck on more complicated backwards moves.

What you’ll learn;

  • Several backward propulsion techniques
  • How to steer correctly backwards
  • How to safely glide backwards
  • How to stop backwards (2 methods)
  • Mohawk Transitions (forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards – stepped and hopped versions).

PLEASE NOTE: This lesson is NOT appropriate for beginner level skaters.

$45.00 USD – approx. 65 Aus$

Melbourne Speed & Fitness Sat 11 Mar 2023 @ 1600-1800

Every skater spends MOST of their time on skates JUST SKATING! However, if your skating stride lacks fundamental technique, you will not get the fitness benefits that skating offers and you may even create bad habits over time that can lead to ‘slow onset injuries’ particularly if you skate distances (e.g. ankle, knee, hip pains from persistent pronation on an inside edge).
What you’ll learn;

  • An efficient push.
  • A correct, comfortable glide, in terms of edges, balance and cadence.
  • A regroup that maximises your stride (and not destroy all the hard work you just put in).
  • The Stride Training Sequence. The drill to keep you on track for months/years to come.

“This class transformed my skating. I never knew how many things I was doing wrong. Feels great to be on the right path now and I understand what a workout skating should be if you’re doing it right.”
– Analise (46) Belgium

This workshop does not cover the Double Push (although most skaters fail with the double push because their normal fitness stride lacks the correct foundations). This class is an essential prerequisite for the Double Push workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: This group lesson is appropriate for every level of skater except beginners.

$45.00 USD – approx. 65 Aus$

Sunday 12 March 2023

Melbourne Jumps & Crossovers Sun 12 Mar 2023 @ 1000-1200

Jumps are a challenge because ‘the fear’ is real and your body knows one mistake could mean a painful backwards fall. This class have you doing safe jumps and landings. Every. Single. Time.

What you’ll learn;

  • Safe take-off and landing technique
  • Forward to Forwards Jumps: Normal, High + Long jumps.
  • Forward to Backwards Jumps; Two-footed + jumped mohawk.
  • Backwards to Forwards Jumps; Two-footed.
  • Forward Crossovers drills for perfect corners.

If you do not skate backwards you do not have to learn the backward jumps versions but can perfect the forward options instead;

Forward Crossovers when done well should create smooth acceleration and admiring glances. But often they create anxiety and have a low(ish) upper speed limit. Make your weaker side feel a lot less strange.

PLEASE NOTE: This lesson is not appropriate for beginner level skaters.

$45.00 USD – approx. 65 Aus$

Melbourne Stops & Slides (Level 2) Sun 12 Mar 2023 @ 1230-1430

For those skaters already confident with their T-Stops, Plough and Turn Stops, this class will look at the more challenging sliding stops and how best to combine different stopping methods for maximum efficiency and safety on the flat and on slopes.

What you’ll learn;

  • Powerslide (from a forwards entry using your favourite transition and favourite sliding leg)
  • Soul Slide (the ‘forwards powerslide, used by the downhillers for a reason).
  • Powerstop (or Turn stop variations)
  • Magic Slide (for those with a successful pre-requisite Soul Slide)
  • How to control your speed (for future use on slopes) by combining different stopping skills and how to come to a complete stop in an emergency.

$45.00 USD – approx. 65 Aus$

Melbourne Wizard Skating Sun 12 Mar 2023 @ 1600-1800

This Wizard + Advanced class is a natural continuation from our Backwards & Transitions class and looks at developing your backwards skating so you can transition multiple ways with confidence & link together skills for impressive looking Wizard flows.
Suitable for inline skaters on a flat set up or a rockered Wizard set up.

What you’ll learn;

  • 4 essential training positions for backwards success
  • Backwards Turns (for Gazelle entry & exits)
  • Gazelles (forwards & backwards)
  • Assisted 3 Turns & 3 Turns (Cheetahs & Lions)

The best preparation for this class is to attend our Backwards & Transitions workshop to ensure you haven’t skipped any foundation skills (and increase the speed/fluency of your backwards & transitions).

$45.00 USD – approx. 65 Aus$


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Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel at least 48hrs before your lesson, we can offer you a refund or a voucher for a future lesson.

No refunds will be offered for cancellations less than 48hrs before the class.

We reserve the right to postpone a class if there are less than 5 participants booked. In this circumstance, you'll be notified 24hrs before class.

We reserve the right to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances (eg instructor illness). If this happens, you will be given a full refund.

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