Kids Skate Parties

Skatefresh have been providing fun and exciting children’s skate parties for years and we can safely get any size of group rolling in just 2 hours. We can provide skate hire and protective gear  if needed.

However, skate hire is only possible in London, so unless all children have their own skates and protective wrist and knee guards and helmets, we can only organise parties in London.

We recommend a 2 hour skate party so that everyone has the chance to really ‘get it’. This allows time for all the important safety stuff to be covered at the beginning. We aim to get everyone rolling, stopping and turning before we play games and skate activities using the newly acquired skate skills. We recommend groups of up to 12 children for one instructor but if you have a larger group we can provide 2 or more instructors.

The children can be of different ability levels as our instructors can teach a mix of beginners and those who already know how to skate and cater to everyone’s level of skating.

We charge £75 per hour for the tuition and skate hire costs £15 per child and includes protective gear.

If you are interested  in organising a Kids skate party with us please complete the booking form below and tell us the number of children you are planning the party for, the date of your party and whether you will be needing to hire skates.

We look forward to skating with your kids.

We can also help you arrange parties in London for children on skateboards. Please let us know if this is of interest.

To discuss your requirements, please email us at: