Please note:

Group Skate classes:

Due to the Coronavirus situation in the UK, all Skatefresh group classes in London and Brighton ARE POSTPONED until further notice.

Private Skate Lessons:

We will continue to offer private tuition, paying close attention to the guidelines set out by the UK Government with regards to hygiene and social distancing

We wish all our clients and friends well and look forward to seeing you WHEN THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL

Children’s Skating Lessons in London

Weekly Improver Sessions

Restarting Sunday 5th April 2020


Every Sunday, winter and summer, as long as the weather is dry:  11am to 12.15pm

These fun filled kids skating lessons are suitable for kids aged 6-10 of Improver level. These classes are NOT suitable for Beginner skaters.  We recommend private lessons to get your child started before joining these group classes once their skill level and confidence have reached a suitable level.

Using games and rolling activities we will guide your child through the basic skills of inline skating, ensuring they have lots of fun and plenty of movement. We will focus on skate safety, stopping methods, turning skills and giving them a variety of exercises to support their learning. (See below for skill level required)


Boat House, Serpentine Road, Hyde Park, London
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How much?

£12 – paid in advance (booking link at the end of this page)

Please read the notes below before  booking so you know the requirements.

Please Note:

Places for these kids skating lessons are limited so please book in advance by completing the booking form above telling us your child’s name and age, your mobile number and the date you would like to attend. You MUST book these sessions so that we know how many children will attend. If there are not enough bookings the session will be cancelled. We  need a minimum of 4 kids to run any class. It is also necessary to pay for all sessions in advance as our instructors are not allowed to take cash payments in the park.

What to bring

We insist that all participants wear recreational inline skates with a heel brake (which they will be learning to use), or quads skates with toe stoppers, plus full protective gear (knee, elbow and wrist pads and a helmet). Please ensure your child brings a drink to class and is equipped with adequate layers of clothing (if it’s likely to be cold) and sun cream if it’s hot. There is a food kiosk nearby for refreshments.

Prerequisites for attendance

We ask that all children attending the Improver Kids Club can already move around unassisted on their skates. They do not need to have any skill level other than being able to move forwards and we don’t expect them to be able to stop. But if your child needs to hold a hand when they are on their skates, they will need to have a private lesson with our children’s instructor so that they can get the basics right and then join the group class once their skill level and confidence has reached the required standard.

We have a skate policy: we don’t allow plastic skates in our lessons as these are not designed for proper skating. These skates are cheap and made of plastic throughout, including the boot and wheels and do not allow enough free roll for your child to learn the basic skating skills. Skates should have a boot that covers the ankle with laces and 2 tightening straps. The wheels should be made of rubber or a composite material and should spin at least 10 revolutions when you rotate them with your fingers. If in doubt please send us a photo of your child’s skates so we can see if they are suitable for lessons.

Children learn to skate at very different rates and we are often asked when is the best age for a child to begin skating. Every child is an individual and will be ready at a different time, but a desire to skate and enthusiasm when seeing other skaters is a good sign. Some children as young as 4 and 5yrs begin to skate but these are usually children who are already skiing or particularly active and physically strong children. Others aren’t ready until they are aged 7-9yrs.

The best way to know if your child is physically ready is to put on all the gear (skates and protective gear) on a flat grassy area and see how they do standing up and walking around on their skates. You can notice how much ankle wobble they have and how coordinated they seem lifting the rather heavy skates. If you are unsure, we recommend a private lesson for either 30mins or 1 hour so that one of our skate instructors can get your child started on the grass and assess if they are ready to roll. If they aren’t then they will show you several exercises that you can play on the grass to enhance their learning and speed up the time it takes to get them skating safely.