Your Decathlon skate purchase entitles you to 1 hour of free group skate class, with Skatefresh, London’s most respected and experienced skating school.

Whichever option you choose, you need to book in advance by following the normal booking procedure on the appropriate class page. You can choose which ever group class level is appropriate for you and you can attend the first hour for free, after which you are free to leave, but we encourage you to ‘stay and pay, paying only for the remaining hours so you get the maximum benefit. Often people are only starting to ‘get it’ after an hour of class time.

If you are a beginner in London, we offer the following course for you:
Half Day Beginner class (11.00am – 2.00pm) in Hyde Park. 1100am-12.00pm is your free hour. If you wish to stay on from 12.00-2.00pm the rest of the class will cost £30. You can pay this to your instructor on the day if you decide you would like to continue or when you book if you know you’d like this option.

The other group skate classes you could join are Improver, Intermediate or Advanced level, again the first hour is yours for free.

If you are in Brighton, Reading or Leicester, again you are entitled to one free hour of any group class.

Children’s Skate Purchases

If you have purchased a pair of children’s skates from Decathlon you are entitled to one FREE Kids’ Club session.  These children’s rollerblading lessons usually cost £10.

Kids Club dates please see the Kids Club page.

You will need your Decathlon receipt as proof of purchase. Please make sure you bring it with you. You will also need to have protective gear (minimum knees and wrist guards and a helmet).

We look forward to your booking choice and getting you rolling soon.

Go to your chosen class page and choose course date and follow the normal booking procedure. You will be sent all the information you need.