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Dean's Private Lessons Enquiry Form July 2022 (#16)
James - Skate instructor Manchester

Dean – Brighton and London

ICP Level 1 Instructor

Teaches: Adults & Kids, Inlines & Quads Mon-Sun 1200-1500 Location: Seafront Level: Beginners & Improvers £40/ph 1 person Dean says: I first started skating when I was 6 years old when my best friend at the time had a pair. I thought it was the coolest thing so I got some for myself and I haven’t stopped skating since! The feeling I had when I first put them on, I still have today. I love the feeling of going fast, being agile and flowing through the city. I urban skate the most and commute everywhere on my skates. It keeps me fit and I can let go of my thoughts as I get into that flow state. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and helping others whether qualifying in sports coaching or spending time volunteering and public speaking. So in 2020, wanting to help others learn and experience the incredible feeling of inline skating, and having passed the ICP Level 1 teaching certificate, I joined the Skatefresh team! Working for Skatefresh has been so rewarding and enlightening. Asha has created an incredibly concise, informed and effective catalogue of knowledge which is evident through all of the online material and content we teach in class. I absolutely love teaching with Skatefresh. I get such a kick out of seeing my students progress. I know how hard it is to be a beginner at something as I often find myself taking up new hobbies, so I know it takes time, patience, and understanding. I also know how good it feels when you start to improve which fills me with positivity and energy in class as I know everyone there will always improve. I hope to see you soon!