Well done. I hope you practiced ALL the exercises… Multiple times!

Let me stress once more the importance of regular practice and repetition of these exercises every time you skate, even if just for 20-30 minutes! They are instant reminders to your body and brain of the new skills you learned and will ensure that you skate faster in the correct way.

Each skill you practiced has taught your ‘muscle memory’ to retain and perform it automatically. It is essential that as you learn to skate faster you do so correctly so that your practice time produces what you want: more speed without compromising your stability and safety.

You might have wondered at the amount of times I suggested you slow down in this Training Course even though this series is designed to make you skate faster! The reason is that almost every skater I have ever worked with who did these exercises did them better, with more accuracy and grace, when they practiced them at slow to medium speeds first before increasing to higher speeds.

More speed = Less accuracy.
Less accuracy + high speed = Increased risk.

The path to correct practice provided by this Training Course results in feeling a sense of accomplishment when you achieve noticeable improvement in each exercise.

I am sure these exercises have filled several weeks or months of practice time as these skills are much harder than they look. It is my job to make them look easy, but there are many things happening at the same time and it is a real challenge to gain control of all the elements simultaneously. That is skating and it is a wonderful challenge with fabulous results if you stick at it.

Try to see your practice as a moving meditation, but instead of focusing on your breathing, your attention should be focused on feeling your weight on the ball of each foot and consciously adjusting your knee bend until you feel the majority of your weight there. Then you should focus on keeping your weight there regardless of what the other leg or the body is doing.

This is the work. I hope you enjoy the process.