Brisbane Trip

18 - 19 March 2023

Join Asha for 2 unforgettable days of skating, touring and lesson time in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

This trip mirrors the highly successful Skatefresh European Trips where skaters improve their skating techniques while also sight-seeing and getting to know a new city.

The Trip starts early on the Saturday morning where we tour the city, its bridges, floating cycle paths and parklands. We will loop outside the city and stop regularly in suitable spaces for lesson time.

Lesson time includes focussing on various different stopping methods and combos of stops so that your risks are reduced and your enjoyment goes up. As we improve as skaters our stops also have to keep being polished and perfected (and their quality is often left behind as speeds increase). Brisbane is a hilly city and we’ll be working on slopes specifically to improve slope control. We’ll also look at your crossovers, teach or improve your Powerslides, backwards skating and street skating skills.

Your skating stride will develop under Asha’s expert eye and you’ll understand better how all the components of the Stride (the Push, Glide and Regroup) all work together to produce smooth, graceful and fast skating.

We will skate approximately 25km per day with lesson stops included.

Saturday evening optional group dinner (more details to follow).

Some optional “Yoga for Skaters” will also be included at the end of each day if you are interested in soothing those tired muscles and reducing any next day stiffness.

This trip is NOT appropriate for beginner skaters and participants must be able to skate, stop and turn comfortably (but we’ll be making all those skills better during the weekend). You should have some experience of skating at least 20km. However this is not a speed skating camp and the focus is on learning and fun rather than competition and high speeds.


Cost of the trip is USD200 (approximately 288 AUS$)
We ask for a non-returnable deposit of USD50 to reserve your place. Balance payable by end January 2023.

Cost includes skate tours, classes and guiding.
Cost does not include accommodation, travel, insurance, meals or drinks.

How To Apply For The Trip:

If you are applying for the trip and we already know you from a previous Skatefresh Trip:

Please email the office at to register your interest.

If you have never been on a previous Skatefresh Trip:

Please complete & submit the application form here:

Ability Level Requirements

This trip is NOT appropriate for beginner skaters and all participants must be able to skate and stop confidently (using at least the heel brake). If you do not use a heel brake then you must be able to control your speed and stop on downhill slopes using any other stopping methods. The ability level of participants on the trip needs to be closely matched so that the chosen terrain and average speeds can be appropriate for everyone and allow for greater learning.
Please do NOT make any travel or accommodation arrangements until you have been officially accepted onto the trip (by email).

Meeting point

“The Domain”. Bicentennial Bikeway.

Click here for Google Map link

Travel and Accommodation

Once you have been accepted onto the trip after registration, you should make your travel and accommodation bookings. Please only book any travel arrangements once you received confirmation from Skatefresh that you have been accepted onto the trip.

Skaters are recommended to choose accommodation close to the meeting point to reduce your travel times and maximise your sleep/recovery time!