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I’ve been an Examiner for the ICP ( since 2004 and in that time my responsibility is to take enthisiastic skaters and train them in the ICP Level 1 Instructor syllabus and then certify them when they pass the exams. This is the beginning of a skate instructor’s career. A…(Read More)

Here’s a new video tutorial for inline skaters wanting to learn more ‘care skills’. This one is on ‘Pumping’ or the creation of acceleration without a stroke during a two footed turn. This is a prerequisite skill for the Double Push which has this element incorporated but on one leg (after the usual stroke…(Read More)

Here’s the second in a new series of mini quads tutorials on various skills, this time a useful stopping method called the Lunge Stop. Next week’s tutorial will return to inlines and then they be alternate quads and inlines, to keep everyone happy. I hope…(Read More)

Recently since delving into the world of online video skate tutorials with the SKatefresh Apps, I am being asked by a lot of people, ‘So how are your apps doing’? The only answer I can give is ‘fabulously,’ because I am receiving some truly wonderful feedback. I am in love with the internet and how…(Read More)

By popular demand I have finally made a short video tutorial on how to do a Hockey stop (otherwise known as the Cess slide or Parallel slide), coming from the pre-requisite skill of the Edge Stop. The smoothness and quality of the surface you are trying to slide on will effect how easily you…(Read More)

This video tutorial gives a few tips on how to do the T-Stop, which is a useful stopping technique (although not the most efficient). Learn the basics of what you need to slide one skate and balance effectively.…(Read More)

This is the place to start with simple backwards skating. It’s the exact opposite of how you learned to skate forwards. This backwards skating technique builds the confidence to lift one skate off the floor for a moment and reduces the tendency for sloppy backwards skating with both feet on the floor at all…(Read More)

The Barcelona ICP1 course in mid June was the final of 3 certification courses conducted in Spain and as usual, an intense weekend of learning to skate and teach ensued. Barcelona is a skating city. They have a thriving Friday night skate with 500 people all summer, miles of smooth bike lanes all over the…(Read More)

On a rainy Sunday in March it actually felt quite productive to be by the Thames re-doing our First Aid qualifications with Ross Boushear, the only First Aid Trainer who is also an old school skater (he passed his ICP level 1 instructor certification even before Asha, so that’s pretty old school)! Asha…(Read More)

Asha back on Quads!


I found my first pair of skates in a skip (blue ‘rainbow’ quads with yellow wheels) aged 10, while walking home from school a different way. I tried one on and scooted about and then on finding the other skate I skated home for the first time. I left my shoes at the skip and…(Read More)