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A Week in Singapore


Singapore! What a great stay it’s been. Staying with old friends from London has been such a treat. I was shown around on skates by one of my online students and the Marina Bay area is just spectacular. Innovative, modern architecture, dramatic skyline and uniquely unusual buildings and urban creations like the Gardens by…(Read More)

Enthusiastic and hardworking students is all I can ask for. When some travel by plane from Kuwait to come to class I’m even more honoured….. New experiences included a mini “shamal” (sandstorm) during class, polished marble floors and the signing of T-shirt’s/helmets/iPhones! The group of skaters in Abu Dhabi were…(Read More)

by Paula Saturday 15th September was a big high; I completed my first inline skating marathon in Berlin. I’ve been training solidly, using the Skatefresh Beginner and Intermediate “Skate for Fitness” Online video training courses. I wasn’t strong enough to use my new 3 x 110 skates over that distance so I stuck…(Read More)

Here’s a new Video Tutorial to train a cool-looking move called “The Stroll”, which can be used as a dance step or just a “filler” in-between other moves. This is also my first solo video edit which I’ve been learning to do since June…(Read More)

This is of course a joyful occurrence and I’m deeply grateful for Powerslide for their beautiful skates but I always meet it with some trepidation because even in the best of scenarios, new skates usually mean some mild to heavy food discomfort for 4-8 weeks…….and that’s normal! I’ve been breaking…(Read More)

The debate in Asha’s head rages about which city is “the best” to skate in. It’s a long argument but Barcelona is one of them. Good quality tarmac, cycle paths everywhere, beach promenades, huge perfect lesson spots, Barcelona has it all. The Trip began with Barcelona’s Friday Night Skate with a group…(Read More)

Enormous Thank you to Boris Bengez and Dijana Dabić Bengez for their hard work in prepping this trip and being first class hosts and leaders. I’m so glad I let you them convince me in Rio (2017) that Zagreb would be a good idea for a skate trip….. Many thanks to Boris for his…(Read More)

Backward Crossovers are every backward skaters’ dream and most people rush to do them BEFORE their backward “building blocks” are solid. This usually leads to a host of different problems. Remember, all crossovers (backward and forward) are designed to generate speed on corners (i.e. NOT to be used in straight lines). If you are…(Read More)

This video tutorial using a real student gives a quick summary of how to use consecutive Parallel Turns to slow down and then stop. Some of the common problems you might make with this skill are highlighted and fixed, allowing you to benefit directly from “real student problems”. At higher speeds this method still works…(Read More)

I finally have some feedback from Asha directly when she looked at a couple of short videos of my training. Seems like what I am feeling in terms of improvement is confirmed by Asha. She said I have no inside edge pronation on either of my skates when pushing or gliding AND I have ZERO…(Read More)

I’ve been very frustrated by the weather over the last month – too wet or snowy in London to skate most of the time. But I got out today for a quick skate before the rain and DRUMROLL….. I started the Intermediate “How to Skate for Fitness” course. I just did the first 2 lessons…(Read More)

Pope Asha


Liam Andrews from Belfast uses Asha’s Online Courses to help him develop his skating skills. Here he recalls the moment he received a ‘Pink’ gift from his family on his 70th Birthday… “Not so long ago my two daughters organised a surprise birthday party for my 70th. I was having a great time in…(Read More)

World Teaching Tour 2018-19


I hope your January is going well even if you are in winter and skating less. Rest time is often good for our skater bodies and you can indulge in other activities like skate video watching or editing what you shot in the summer. I have SUPER exciting news which I want to share with…(Read More)

Juan Peirotti from Argentina wrote to me with this question about his knees; I’ve been rollerskating (inline) for a year and a half. I love the sport and watched your videos. I learnt a lot with them, specially the Mohawk Transition and Backwards Powerslide Stop which I now perform with ease. I’m writing…(Read More)

An ICP1 instructor (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently wrote to me with this question.    Sadly, I’m writing to inform you that two 5 year old girls I know both broke their arms (Ulna and Radius) at the upper end of the wrist guard (in separate falls 9 months apart). One girl fell ‘backwards…(Read More)

Do you remember back in the Spring I was asking for volunteers to participate in a Powerslide video? Well the video is out and it’s my Gift to you. Today is my Birthday and I like to celebrate my life by spending time with my closest friends as time is the most precious gift…(Read More)

Here is this weeks’ Q&A all the way from Brazil. Q: When I am learning some new skill (intermediate/advanced), like a transition, a jump, or a powerslide for example, my body just freaks out when I am practicing. Even when I know all the theory, the basics, the right weight distribution, etc…but…(Read More)

Today’s question comes from a skate instructor who wishes to remain anonymous: “I’m struggling to make ends meet as an inline skate instructor and I wondered if you could share your main tips with us on “How To Not Fail at your Dream Job”.   If Facebook had existed when I started teaching…(Read More)

Q: “Ive been skating for about 2 years semi regularly, though I took to it pretty naturally I still feel like I could be a lot stronger staying on my center-outside edges to be able to increase my glide length! I feel like I am working too hard to keep up with other skaters…(Read More)

Las plazas serán limitadas así que es necesario reservar. Irene Jimenez sera el contacto oficial de Asha en Barcelona y es con ella que se hace tu reserva (por email por favor). Manda tu nombre, telefono, email y que Workshop quieres reservar a; ————————————————————————————– Workshop 1: Frenos 12hr-14hr €15 Para patinar…(Read More)

Q: Hi my name is Saadiyah and I am a newbie skater experiencing severe arch pain while skating its like a cramp on fire. Deconstructing what my foot is doing I think I am scrunching up my toes… Is this the cause of my pain and if so how do I train my feet to…(Read More)

I have some exciting news that I hope you are going to LOVE. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from skaters all over the world who like you are members of my Online Community. These questions range from specific technique issues (mainly skills not working despite practice), equipment queries and body/injury…(Read More)

Hard to believe but Skatefresh turns 17 in 2017, so we will be celebrating on Brighton seafront on Saturday 19th August. Come and join us! We begin at 1pm at Hove Lawns and there will be music, skate dance, slalom and skate games happening throughout the afternoon (Human Curling, Music Stopping Statues, Skating Congas…) Bring…(Read More)

Essa pagina aqui é só pra informar. O proceso de se inscrever nos workshops tem que ser no Facebook na pagina “Asha in Sao Paulo” onde todos os workshops estão listados como Eventos. Sexta 10 de março – 14hr – 19hr Aula Particular (ou grupos de 2 ou 3) R…(Read More)

Estava mexendo no computador procurando por algo, quando esbarrei neste vídeo filmado ano passado sobre como realizar o Cross over em linha reta patinando de costas… Não sei como aconteceu, mas finalmente aqui está ele pra vocês. O pré requisito para se tentar isso é que se saiba realizar o Cross over de…(Read More)

Patinar de espaldas es una petición común y aquí está un nuevo Vídeotutorial sobre cómo usar los Cruzados de Espaldas para patinar hacia atrás rápido en línea recta (sin usar la curvatura habitual de los cruzados…) El requisito previo para intentar esta técnica es que puedas hacer…(Read More)

Skating backwards is a common request and here is a new Video Tutorial on how to use Backward Crossovers to skate fast backwards in a straight line (without the usual curving of crossovers and crossunders….) The pre-requisite for trying this is that you can already do normal Back Crossovers (in a circle). I’ve…(Read More)

This video was commissioned and created by Powerslide so there are no subtitles. My apologies. I am the only non-Brazilian instructor online who makes video products either in Portuguese or with subtitles. However, just follow along with each exercise in the order shown and you can still benefit from the content. I’m being…(Read More)

En este video tutorial te mostraré los ejercicios y movimientos en parado que hay que hacer antes de pasar a la serie de ejercicios rodando. Esta lección está repleta de información y consejos acerca del Powerslide. También incluye cómo hacer un Powerslide normal y cómo resolver un problema habitual con…(Read More)

In this video tutorial I’ll show you the stationary exercises and movements to do before you then attempt a series of exercises rolling. This lesson is packed with information and tips about Powersliding including how to do a normal powerslide from backwards and also how to fix a common problem with one of the…(Read More)

Informações dos Workshops da Asha em Sao Paulo, na pagina de Facebook “Asha in Sao Paulo” Procure os workshops que você está interessado e faça sua reserva logo porque as vagas são limitadas. Qualquer pergunta por favor, faz no evento do Facebook e eu ou a…(Read More)

Neste tutorial eu lhe passo 5 progressões de diferentes exercícios para lhe ajudar a aprender com segurança o Crossovers de frente, que é uma habilidade essencial para qualquer patinador intermediário ou de nível avançado.

 Crossovers lhe permitem manter a velocidade ou até acelerar em curvas (quando você normalmente perde velocidade…(Read More)

En este tutorial detallado te voy a proponer 5 progresiones diferentes de ejercicios que te van a ayudar a aprender de manera segura, y dominar los cruzados hacia delante. Es una técnica esencial para cualquier patinador de nivel medio o avanzado.

 Los cruzados te van a permitir mantener la velocidad, o incluso incrementarla, al…(Read More)

In this detailed tutorial I give you 5 different progression exercises to help you safely learn and master the forward crossovers which are an essential skill for all intermediate and advanced level skaters.

 Crossovers allow you to maintain speed or even accelerate on corners (where you would usually loose speed if doing Parallel Turns).

 This…(Read More)

Eu gostaria de dar a mais pessoas a oportunidade de ter o meu trabalho. Ensinar patinação é um dos melhores trabalhos do mundo, gratificante, divertido, saudável, diversificado… eu estou sempre agradecendo pelos meus dias sobre rodas e a vida que eu amo. Pra mim tudo começou quando eu fiz o ICP (Programa de…(Read More)

La primera vez que me enamoré de Paris fue cuando tenía 16 años y vivía en Oxford. Acababa de conocer a Daniela, mi mejor amiga en Río, y nos fuimos a París de viaje con el colegio. Mientras nos reuníamos la gente del viaje de Skatefresh de este a…(Read More)

Paris……Skatefresh style


I first fell in love with Paris when I was 16 and living in Oxford. I’d just met Daniela my best friend in Rio and we went on a school trip to Paris. As this year’s Paris Skatefresh trip gathered for photos at the Eiffel Tower, I saw the smiling faces of the…(Read More)

The ICP Level 1 Instructor Certification Course which took place 9-11th September in London welcomed skaters from as far away as Croatia and all over the UK (Worcester, Camberley, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and London). The weather once again played a starring role with all day drizzle on Saturday pushing us under cover at Westway…(Read More)

Aquí tienes mi técnica sencilla (aunque no fácil) para aprender a dar Vueltas en Punta Talón con patines en línea o quads. Con quads es idéntico (pero mucho más fácil). El otro secreto es tener el peso distribuido en ambos patines al 50% (no es fácil cuando…(Read More)

Aqui esta minha simples (mas não fácil) técnica para aprender a fazer o Giro de Dedos e Calcanhar em Inline e Quads. É idêntico (mas muito mais fácil) em Quads. O segredo é ter 50/50% do seu peso em ambos os patins (não é fácil quando um deles está na…(Read More)

Neste terceiro vídeo da série “Powerslide”, sobre como frear, eu ensino a você como tentar o Freio em Cunha e o, mais difícil, Freio em T. Todo patinador deve ter a responsabilidade de aprender e dominar várias formas de freios. A sua segurança depende completamente de ser capaz de controlar…(Read More)

En este tercer video de la serie de Powerslide sobre “Como Frenar” Te enseño como intentar el freno en cuña y el más díficil Freno en T Cada patinador deberia asumir la responsabilidad de aprender y dominar varios métodos de frenad, puesto que la seguridad depende completamente de ser capaz…(Read More)

In this third video in the series from Powerslide on “How to Stop” I teach you how to try the Plough Stop and the more difficult T-Stop. Every skater should take responsibility for learning and then mastering various stopping methods, as your safety completely depends on being able to control your skates and stop…(Read More)

Every year the Skatefresh team get together on Brighton seafront to celebrate the year, and have a fun day of skates with friends and clients. This is Skatefresh’s 16th year in business. The day involves skaters from all over the country coming and joining Brighton skaters for seaside fun on skates. We’ll have…(Read More)

En este vídeo encontrarás un tutorial dirigido a patinadores adultos que están empezando con todo lo que necesitas saber sobre COMO FRENAR. No obstante, también encontrarás ejemplos de patinaje rápido sobre superficies rugosas y lisas, donde se demuestra la agilidad y maniobrabilidad de las tres ruedas, mientras disfrutas la…(Read More)

Este vídeo tutorial é parte de uma série para adultos iniciantes (as habilidades vão ficando cada vez mais complexas, eu prometo) e vai, como um iniciante, lhe ensinar o melhor jeito para controlar sua velocidade e parar. Tem até uma versão mais inusitada (mais difícil/mais legal) de um freio que…(Read More)

In this video you’ll find a tutorial aimed at adult beginner skaters and this one is all about how to stop. However you’ll also find examples of me skating fast on smooth and rough surfaces, demonstrating how agile and manoeuvrable the 3 wheel set up is, while also enjoying the speeds they facilitate…(Read More)

Este vídeo tutorial es más largo que las lecciones de YouTube y contiene buenos consejos para todos los nuevos patinadores a los que les cuesta empezar a rodar. Si ayudas a los principiantes en tu club, esto debería ayudarte a corregir sus problemas habituales. Los patines de 3 ruedas que estoy usando…(Read More)

Este vídeo tutorial é mais longo que as aulas do YouTube e vai lhe dar algumas boas dicas para todos os patinadores iniciantes em como começar. Caso você ajude patinadores iniciantes de sua área, este vai lhe ajudar a corrigir aqueles problemas mais comuns. Os Triskates que estou usando são da nova cole…(Read More)

This video tutorial is longer than the usual YouTube lessons and gives some good tips for all new skaters struggling with getting rolling. If you help with beginners in your local club then this should help you correct their usual problems. The Triskates I’m wearing are from the new Swell collection by Powerslide. The…(Read More)

Llevo soñando desde hace casi dos décadas con patinar y dar clases en Central Park. Por fin este fin de semana se hizo realidad. Mis andanzas en Nueva York comenzaron el jueves con una ruta de calle de 17 millas a dúo con Sonic Arnav, uno de los patinadores neoyorkinos más…(Read More)

Por quase duas décadas eu tive um sonho de patinar e ensinar no Central Park. E este final de semana tudo aconteceu. Eu iniciei minha experiência em Nova Iorque na quinta-feira com um passeio de rua por 24km com Sonic Arnav, o mais ativo e talentoso patinador e instrutor recentemente certificado de…(Read More)

Asha in New York City


It’s been a personal dream of mine to skate and teach in Central Park for almost 2 decades. And last weekend it all happened. I began my New York experience last Thursday (6th May 2016) with a 17 mile street skate with Sonic Arnav, one of NY’s most active and talented skaters and…(Read More)

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado como algunos patinadores consiguen ir tan rápido como tú vas hacia delante, pero hacia atrás mientras cruzan los patines frenéticamente? En este video te doy las instrucciones paso a paso de lo que esta pasando en este movimiento y también los errores mas frecuentes que hace…(Read More)

Soy Luna


Ano passado eu tive uma oportunidade maravilhosa de trabalhar com a Disney LatinAmerica no novo drama adolescente ”Soy Luna”. Soy Luna está no ar em espanhol no canal Disney em toda a América Latina e Espanha. Ela será dublada em outras línguas (mas é improvável que seja dublada em inglês, visto que…(Read More)

Soy Luna


El año pasado tuve la increíble oportunidad de trabajar con Disney Channel Latinoamérica en su nueva serie adolescente “Soy Luna”. Actualmente se está emitiendo en el canal Disney Channel para toda Sudamérica y en España. Y más adelante será doblada a otros idiomas, aunque es poco probable que se…(Read More)

Soy Luna


Last year I had the amazing opportunity to work with Disney LatinAmerica on their new teen drama series “Soy Luna”. Soy Luna is now being aired (in Spanish) on the Disney channel all over South America and Spain. It will later be dubbed into other languages (but unlikely into English as English speaking teenagers are…(Read More)

¿Te aterroriza la idea de saltar en patines? O, ¿has saltado y has tenido un aterrizaje desastroso de cualquier tipo ( espero que no muy doloroso ), pero que ha sido lo suficiente como para abandonar los saltos en patines de por vida? ¡Este miedo está totalmente justificado! Saltar es una cosa muy seria, pero…(Read More)

A idéia de pular de patins te causa medo? Ou, você já pulou e saiu tudo errado e você teve um tipo de aterrissagem medonha (e espero que não muito dolorida) suficiente para te fazer parar de pular de patins pelo resto da vida? O medo é justificado! Pular é uma coisa séria, mas…(Read More)

Does the idea of jumping on skates fill you with fear? Or, have you jumped and it went wrong and you had a hideous landing of some kind (I really hope not too painful), but it’s enough to put you off jumping on inline skates for life! The fear is justified! Jumping is a…(Read More)

Niteroi A short ferry trip across the bay should have been easy but my frazzled, sleep deprived brain wasn’t sharp and I forgot to pick up two clients in my own taxi on the way to the boat. Being able to solve problems is also part of trip making as well as trying to…(Read More)

After the sunset dance class and final performance, the Caipirinhas started flowing from Posto 7 beach bar. The skating continued with relaxed solo enjoyment and practice. The full moon rose like a huge orange out of the sea and continued to rise as we talked and laughed to the soundtrack of the waves and locals…(Read More)

After the adventures of the night before up the Sugar Loaf with lightning strikes, I was expecting a group of tired and grouchy clients but instead we spent the journey to the Christ statue swapping stories about the previous evening, each more incredulous than the next! I discovered Tina and Jarkko walked home in the…(Read More)

Monday February 22nd 2016 Day two saw us skating clockwise around the Lagoon, 6 blocks behind Ipanema beach, on quiet cycle paths with ‘interesting features’. We did a lesson on uphill crossovers using a challenging left/right turn combo. At the skater’s rink we continued classes with fast enormous crossovers, which for London people…(Read More)

Sunday 21st February 2016 Meeting so many Skatefresh friends and students from 9 different nationalities IN Rio de Janeiro this morning for the start of the first ever Rio trip was extremely special. Add to that a handful of wonderful new Skatefreshers and the day was set to be fantastic. We skated the length of…(Read More)

Mucha gente ha comentado la alta calidad en la producción de los videos de las Apps y productos de video de Skatefresh. Mi editora de video en Reino Unido, que fue quien grabó las Apps de Skatefresh, Claire Morgan Jones y su habilidad para hacer zoom de cerca y lejos y mantener el foco…(Read More)

Muitas pessoas comentam sobre a alta qualidade das produções dos vídeos dos aplicativos e produtos do Skatefresh. Minha editora de vídeo no Reino Unido é Claire Morgan Jones, é ela quem filmou os aplicativos do Skatefresh e tem uma habilidade lendária de trabalho com zoom, especialmente quando estou patinando em círculos. Seus…(Read More)

Many people have commented on the high quality video production of the Skatefresh Apps and Video products. My video editor in the UK who filmed the Skatefresh Apps is Claire Morgan Jones and her ability to zoom in and out while retaining focus is legendary (particularly when I’m skating in circles). Her talents do…(Read More)

¿Has tenido alguna vez la decepcionante experiencia de verte patinar en un video y darte cuenta de que no pareces tan Bueno como te sientes cuando patinas? La sensación de patinar es maravillosa y nos encanta la sensación de libertad y fluidez de nuestro cuerpo al rodar al aire libre y divertirnos. ¿Te…(Read More)

Você já teve a péssima experiência de se ver patinando no vídeo e notou que você não está parecendo tão bem como se sente nos patins? A sensação de patinar é maravilhosa, nós adoramos a liberdade e a energia em nossos corpos quando estamos ao ar livre nos divertindo…(Read More)

The feeling of skating is wonderful right? Who doesn’t love the freedom and flow in our bodies as we zoom along in the open air and enjoy ourselves. Then someone shows you a video and the reality is that very often our ‘zooming along’ can actually look a bit like Bambi and our stride…(Read More)

Asha caindo…


A consequência desta queda foi uma lesão que eu achei que iria embora logo e não era grave, mas que na verdade ainda está aqui e agora é responsável pelo meu afastamento, a ida aos médicos e a fisioterapia. Durante este ano eu tenho mancado depois de patinar e tive que…(Read More)

Asha por los suelos….


La consecuencia de esta caída fue una herida que yo pensé que se curaría y que no era seria, pero que de hecho todavía sigue conmigo y es responsable de mi período de baja, consultando con médicos y realizando terapia de rehabilitación. A lo largo de este año…(Read More)

Asha falling over…..


The consequence of this fall was an injury which I thought would go away and wasn’t serious but which in fact is still very much with me and now responsible for my down time, seeing doctors and doing physio. Throughout this year I’ve been limping after skating and I’ve had to seriously…(Read More)

Parabéns! Você tem uma chance de ganhar esses patins Freedom da Traxart. Eu os usei na gravação desse vídeo e posso te dizer, andam super bem e são MUITO confortáveis. As instruções estão bem claras! Tudo o que você precisa saber para entrar na competição e onde…(Read More)

Ababo dejando hoy Sao Paulo después de dos semanas de muchas clases. Hizo el segundo curso de ICP en Brasil y también hize otros workshops. Todo el mundo que conocí eran tan cariñoso, amable y apreciado. Prácticamente todo el mundo es autodidacta así que fue muy gratificante ver los cambios en…(Read More)

Ababo de sair de Sao Paulo hoje depois de 2 semanas de ensino. Fez o segundo curso ICP de certificação de instrutores e também dei outros workshops. Todo mundo que conheci eram tao carinhosos, apreciados e amistosos. Praticamente todo mundo e auto didata então foi muito gratificante de ver as mudanças…(Read More)

I’ve just left Sao Paulo after a great 2 week teaching trip. Did Brazil’s second ICP Level 1 course and a bunch of other workshops. Everyone I met was so kind and appreciative and friendly. The instruction culture is only just starting here so most people are self taught and therefore it was…(Read More)

Roller Rio 2015


Fue la quinta edición del evento Roller Rio , una ruta de 8 km por la playa de Copacabana (y vuelta), y contó con la presencia de patinadores de todo Brasil . Conocí patinadores de Sao Paulo, Manaus, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Metropolis, Goanias, Brasilia, Natal y Río de Janeiro …. para nombrar unos pocos…(Read More)

Roller Rio 2015


Roller Rio e um passeio comunitario unindo patinadores do Brasil e do mundo, nesta quinta edicao. Foi um passeio de 8 km ao longo da praia de Copacabana (e voltando) e teve a participação de patinadores de todo o Brasil . Eu conheci patinadores de São Paul, Manuas , Salvador, Belo Horizonte , Florianópolis, Metropolis…(Read More)

Roller Rio 2015 event


This is Roller Rio’s 5th year in existence and this year’s 8km route along the epic Copacabana beach (and back) was attended by skaters from all over Brazil. I met skaters form Sao Paulo, Manuas, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Florianopolis, Petropolis, Goanias, Brazilia, Natal and Rio de Janeiro ….to name a few! In Europe…(Read More)

A mãe da Asha Patina!


[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”OMDOH1NK7uE”] Na primavera deste ano Trish veio para morar comigo o verão em Brighton. Ela queria começar a patinar imediatamente então eu comprei um quads para ela. Trish patinava há muitos anos quando eu era adolescente, mas ela não colocava os patins há mais de 25 anos…(Read More)

¡La madre de Asha patina!


[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”OMDOH1NK7uE”] En la primavera de este año, Trish vino a vivir conmigo a Brighton durante el verano. Inmediatamente quiso empezar a patinar y la compre unos quad. Trish patinó hace MUCHISIMOS años, cuando yo era una adolescente, pero no había tocado unas ruedas desde hace más de…(Read More)

Asha’s mother skates!


[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”OMDOH1NK7uE”] In the Spring of this year Trish came to live with me in Brighton for the summer. She immediately wanted to start skating and I bought her some quads. Trish skated MANY years ago when I was a teenager, but she hadn’t touched any wheels in over 25 years…(Read More)

There are many ways your stride can be improved and it’s useful to have something to do to address the inevitable bad habits that sneak in. Ask yourself honestly if you have any of these stride issues listed below (ask a friend to film you if you aren’t sure). I think almost ALL…(Read More)

It seems that for many of you intermediate skaters who are going backwards, the frightening moment when you realise you need to stop quickly, usually means the best option is to turn to forwards and engage your T-Stop, Heel brake or Lunge Stop as quickly as possible……. This is causing some issues, especially at…(Read More)

Há vários meses me perguntaram: “É possível ensinar um grupo de pessoas como melhorar sua patinação, do outro lado do mundo, via vídeo?” Fiquei na dúvida. Respondi: “Mmmm, depende…!”  Eu sabia que as expectativas desse grupo eram particularmente altas.  Mas não é todos os dias que a Disney me liga pedindo…(Read More)

Hace unos meses me preguntaron lo siguiente: “¿Es posible enseñar a un grupo de personas como mejorar su patinaje desde el otro lado del mundo vía video?” Tenía algunas dudas puesto que sabía que las expectativas de este grupo eran particularmente altas así que dije: “Mmmmmm , depende…” La persona que preguntaba…(Read More)

Several months ago I was asked this question: “Is it possible to teach a group of people how to improve their skating from the other side of the world via video?” I had some doubts as I knew the expectations for this group were particularly high so I said: “Mmmmmmm, it depends…” The people asking…(Read More)



A viagem para Viena em 2015 foi concebida durante minha ultima viagem para Amsterdam no ano passado, quando Heinz e Alexandra, austríacos, começaram a nos contar sobre as maravilhas de se patinar em Viena e em seus arredores. Ainda não conhecia a cidade e nem tinha ouvido falar sobre patinação na…(Read More)

Viena 2015


El viaje a Viena en 2015 se cocinó durante el año pasado a Ámsterdam cuando dos austriacos Heinz y Alexandra nos empezaron a contar las maravillas de patina en y alrededor de Viena. No sabía nada de la ciudad y no había oído hablar de patinar en Austria pero Heinz pronto…(Read More)

The Vienna 2015 trip was conceived during last year’s trip to Amsterdam when Austrian locals Heinz and Alexandra began telling us about the wonderful skating in and around Vienna. I knew nothing of the city and hadn’t heard about skating in Austria but Heinz soon produced some great evidence in the form of…(Read More)

I believe that the more successful stopping methods you have available to you, the more comfortable and safe you will be on your skates, whatever your ability level. Having options and choices of stops to use will (with practice) lead to you making intelligent decisions about which methods to use in which circumstances. Here is…(Read More)

Creo que cuantos más métodos de frenado eficaces tengas a tu disposición, más cómodo y seguro estarás en tus patines, cualquiera que sea tu nivel de patinaje. Tener opciones y variedad de frenos que usar te llevara (con practica) a tomar decisiones inteligentes sobre que métodos usar en…(Read More)

Eu pessoalmente acredito que quanto maior disponibilidade de métodos de parar bem você tiver, mais confortavelmente e seguro se estará em seus patins, qualquer que seja seu grau de habilidade. Tendo opções e escolhas de freio para usar (com a prática) lhe levará a fazer escolhas inteligentes sobre qual método usar…(Read More)

Question: “What is the correct body position (from the waist up) for backwards skating at medium speed?” – Fernando Lospi Answer: Fernando, this is a GREAT question and one which is confusing because when you look around at all the people skating backwards medium fast (and let’s be honest there isn’t a massive amount…(Read More)

Pregunta: “¿Cuál es la posición correcta del cuerpo (de cintura para arriba) para patinar de espaldas a velocidad media? – Fernando Lospi Respuesta: Fernando, esta es una GRAN pregunta y una que es confusa porque cuando miras a tu alrededor a todas las personas que patinan de espaldas a velocidad media-rápida ( y…(Read More)

Pergunta: “Qual seria a postura correta do corpo (da cintura para cima) para se patinar de costas a velocidade média?” – Fernando Lospi Resposta: Fernando, esta é uma EXCELENTE pergunta e uma das que mais confundem porque quando você olha ao seu redor, as pessoas que patinam de costas em velocidades médias (e vamos ser…(Read More)

Both beginner skaters and more advanced skaters who have shed their recreational skates and moved to lower cut speed skates, have the tendency to glide on their inside edge. This can happen more on one skate than the other but it is a VERY common problem which detracts from your speed and efficiency. The easiest…(Read More)

Tanto los patinadores principiantes como los patinadores más avanzados que han pasado de patines recreacionales a patines de velocidad de caña más baja, tienen la tendencia de deslizar con guía interna. Esto puedo ocurrir más en un patín que en el otro pero es un problema MUY común…(Read More)

Ambos patinadores iniciantes e patinadores mais avançados que deixaram seus patins de recreação e mudaram para patins de velocidade, têm a tendência de patinar com os pés inclinados para dentro (pronação). Isso pode acontecer mais com um pé que com o outro mas isto é um problema MUITO comum o…(Read More)

Ask Asha :


Question: “Last year (at the age of 54) I started playing hockey on inline skates (after a break of 25 years from skating). I have had my wheels configured at 80,80,76,76, but I have played around and find that 76,80,80,76 is much better for spins and turns but not…(Read More)

Pregunta: “El año pasado (con 54 años) empecé a jugar a hockey line (después de un parón de 25 sin patina). He tenido las ruedas configuradas a 80, 80, 76,76 pero he estado jugueteando y encuentro que 76, 80, 80,76 es mucho mejor en los giros y curvas pero…(Read More)

Pergunta: “Ano passado (com 54 anos) eu comecei a jogar hoquei com patins inline (depois de ficar 25 anos sem patinar. Eu configurei minhas rodas em 80,80,76,76 mas eu testei e percebi que 76,80,80,76 é muito melhor para giros e curvas mas não muito estável. Você tem algum…(Read More)

Asha Skatefresh yoga

You know that tingling of excitement when you are looking forward to something so much, you can hardly concentrate on anything in the present? Like a great holiday. But sometimes the event can be even more significant when you realise that it is one of your life’s dreams (or at least used to feel…(Read More)

At the end of November 2014 I slipped off to Rio for 9 weeks of what should have been mainly holiday plus “a little bit of filming”. Rio became a wonderful work extravaganza teaching regular huge groups of skaters each week, and even a Rio ICP instructor course. The filming I had planned to accompany…(Read More)

(Portugues & Español a seguir) Ooops, Skatefresh Apps outtakes video It is almost 2 years since the Skatefresh Apps were launched in Feb 2013. Since then they have been making their way around the world into skaters pockets everywhere. I receives regular thank you emails from happy skaters in countries I didn’t know…(Read More)

Mini Summer holidays in UK Wow!! What lovely impressive and intense four days I spent in UK. Starting with the classic English weather, from which I had a taste of everything, misty rain, pouring rain, storms and glorious sun!! I wanted to skate on Friday, but the uninvited rain turned up and changed all the…(Read More)

Here’s a new video tutorial on a common problem often experienced by Beginner skaters; lower back ache. The solution is not always obvious but it can help. Leaning forwards when you learn how to skate is a common issue for new skaters when they try to copy the forward incline of faster speed skaters…(Read More)

how to balance on one skate

This video tutorial shot in Rio de Janeiro gives beginner skaters a simple and safe way to practice one legged glides. Being able to balance on one skate is an essential skill for fast, efficient skating and a foundation skill for all other skills. This same exercise can be used for inline skates or quads…(Read More)

Skatefresh has always had several stocks of hire skates primarily used in schools in London and Brighton. When Asha moved from Brighton back to London earlier this year one set of skates was homeless but finally due to the enthusiasm of a sports worker in Wales (who is herself a skater), the Skatefresh skates made…(Read More)

This edition of the Skatefresh Blog Tutorial shows you how to do simple transitions on quads from forwards skating to backwards skating and then back again from backwards to forwards. This version is a good introductory technique for transitions for low and medium speeds only.…(Read More)

The vibrant and busy skate scene of Barcelona once again brought me to the beautiful city, where there is more good quality tarmac than anywhere I have ever skated. However, as I left Madrid the weather forecast for the weekend was truly frightening, heavy rain, storms, lightning. My heart sank. I was deeply worried about…(Read More)

I’m enjoying teaching simple skills in this Blog series of tutorials but I realise that many skaters are lacking some basics due to not having had formal instruction before. So here is a video tutorial not on an actual skill but on a fundamental basic concept of steering quads skates.…(Read More)

Skating in Vietnamese


A week ago today I left my work as Asha’s PA and Skatefresh’s go to woman for everything admin related as I was moving to Hanoi. During the handover I stumbled across a curious piece of information about the below video of Asha skating in Vondelpark: 5th in line of countries in which…(Read More)

Skating as Meditation


The search for spiritual enlightenment (or at least a rest from my chattering mind) has led me to many workshops and meditation classes in my time. I did finally commit to the Buddhist practice of SGI ( and enjoy the benefits that come from regularly aligning with my deeper vision and…(Read More)

Halloween Skate 2012


When there are a good 200 zombies, bloody nurses and their doctors and mushed up faces on skates on Serpentine Road you know it’s time for one of the biggest events in the London skate world. The gruesome Halloween Skate. Everyone tends to meet up with plenty of time for some grueling meeting and…(Read More)

I was invited to Valladolid (1hr from Madrid) by Pablo Lopez who did ICP Level 1 in London 3 years ago with me. Since then he has created a thriving skate school and skate community of over 250 skaters. It’s impressive how the skate scene in Spain is growing and every town has a…(Read More)

It is always with great pleasure that I come to Madrid to skate with Madridpatina. I first came in 2009 to certify them in ICP Levels 1, 2 and 3 and now they had another 17 instructors to put through the ICP Level 1 training. Madridpatina is the largest skate school in the world with…(Read More)

Advanced SkateDance in Spain


My work trip to Spain started on Wednesday with beginner level dance class followed by advanced. In Madrid, rollerdance (as they call it) is super popular and the skate school MadridPatina always have large classes of enthusiastic students, many of whom I know personally from being here several times and also joining their european city…(Read More)

Asha moves back to London


My beautiful Brighton seafront flat, that I’m leaving on Monday to go back and live in London. I remember 9 years ago when my best friend Eve moved from London to Brighton and I would come down and stay with her and Dom. I would go for walks along the seafront and look at…(Read More)

Teaching skating for a TV ad


Asha taught three actresses to skate last week for a TV advert. The instructions from the director were: we need them to skate side by side, shoulder touching shoulder, really fast. I explained that due to skates pushing outwards, its not possible to be so close when skating, so we staggered the girls tightly behind…(Read More)

Skatefresh have been helping Lewisham council with an unusual problem: young people on skates holding onto moving cars. Over several weeks of workshops, Skatefresh instructors have been motivating children and young people to try out other forms of skating such as slalom and dance and also develop their existing skills. ‘Trailing’ (holding onto cars) will…(Read More)

Ever since our first Birthday party on Brighton’s seafront to celebrate our 10 years of skating in pink this social gathering of skaters has become one of our favorite days on the annual skate calendar. Last Saturday proved to be no different. What’s more, we were delighted to find out this day has…(Read More)

Olympic Skating


On the 27th of July 2012, 47 skaters including myself took part in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The majority of the skaters were volunteers, we were coached by a great team of professionals, who were ex members of Starlight Express. The skaters were selected after passing an initial audition, this was towards…(Read More)

It was with great excitement that I accepted an offer from the roller rink at Secret Garden Party to work during the festival, instructing and demo-ing. I had been wanting a ticket as a group of friends were going to the festival, but they had been sold out for weeks. When we arrived the…(Read More)

How great to see the core crew of Brighton Skaters out last night for the Olympic themed skate. After an unsuccessful 15 minutes of attempted toga tying in my bedroom, I gave up and found (again) my old GB Tracksuit (which in the last 23 years has only been worn by Sparky a few weeks…(Read More)

Le Mans 2012


There’s something bizarrely addictive about the Le Mans 24hr race. Last year I remember saying I wouldn’t be going again and yet there I was again screaming at the top of my lungs as I watched team captain Hazel run across the track in her socks and start putting her skates on for…(Read More)

Skatefresh student was lead marshal in Adelaide’s first ever street skate. Steve Hill is one of Skatefresh’s regular advanced students in London and during a long holiday in Australia, he skated as many places as possible. Steve will be returning to London during 2012 and is attending the ICP Level 2 instructors course…(Read More)

Starting this week Asha will be posting a weekly Skatefresh Blog Tutorial and this first tutorial is ‘How to heel brake downhill’. Each mini Blog Tutorial will look at a problem area of one skill, in this case, why do skaters still not stop downhill even when they have the heel brake on? Each Blog…(Read More)

Paris Skate Trip 2012


After weeks and weeks of rainy, miserable weather in London we all needed some sunshine for the Skatefresh Paris trip – and we got it! The dark clouds and rain of Friday afternoon disappeared and everything was dry for the epic…(Read More)

It’s very rare to have a week where both the Brighton Skate (Tuesdays)and London Skate (Wednesdays) start their street skating seasons one day apart. The Brighton Skate kicked off on Tuesday 1st May with a fun and relaxed sunset chill out at the West Pier skate pad with glorious sunshine, no wind and…(Read More)

Cupid is skating this April and you should join the dating fun. Skatefresh is a sponsor of London’s newest and exciting single network Cupids of London. There is no time like spring to get your dating face on and as a Skatefresh client you get to do it with a discount! Go to Cupids…(Read More)

Skatefresh is thrilled that one of our most exciting clients Louise Jones has just opened her own business and is offering fellow Skatefreshers a one-off 15% discount. After rediscovering her love of skating with Skatefresh last year, her outstanding abilities on wheels got her part in a BBC pilot alongside Asha. The show, for…(Read More)

Winter skating


Are you hibernating under blankets and drinking tea/coffee/hot chocolate almost intravenously? Winter is most definitely here, but there seems no better way of beating the winter blues than getting out into the fresh crisp air with a set of wheels on your feet! With this sense of adventure came a group of people…(Read More)

The London Roller Derby season kicked of last Saturday in South West London. The Ultraviolent Femmes and the Harbour Grudges delivered an exciting bout with suspense until the last minutes. The teams were on fire, the crowd ecstatic and those new to the sport quickly got into the action. Whether it is the dress (golden…(Read More)

Skatefresh on TV again


Tv show update Due to BBC regulations, no further details are able to be divulged regarding the production of the programme in which asha is currently involved. The show involves a live studio audience and vote so this process cannot be commented upon until after broadcast (date of which is unknown). when broadcast date is…(Read More)

Sunday at the Rollerdisco(s)


The speakers announce that Dizzee Rascal only cares about sex and violence and Rihanna would fancy getting it on with a rude boy. Some people already sway awkwardly back and forth, their balance a cause for concern. Others are still happily boogying around in circles in the bright light venue. The party is rolling along…(Read More)

The skating year of 2011 has been a busy one for me.  After being disappointed that the Santa Skate had been snowed off, I was pleased to get out on the streets again for the first Sunday Stroll of the year to Camden.  With a crisp blue sky, the promise of sunshine and one of…(Read More)

Monday at Bay 66


Having discovered at the weekend that most of the Skatefresh Le Mans crew are now hanging out at the Bay66 skate park in Portobello (and even buying new aggressive skates), I decided I had to check it out, especially as I’m spending 2 weeks in London due to other mid week skate projects. Taking…(Read More)

This year on wheels has been an interesting one, from perfecting my speed skating for Le Mans, to improving my transitions and slides so I could learn to play a bit of hockey (badly), I certainly feel I’ve improved massively all round this year. It all started when I got back from Australia where…(Read More)

Goodwood Marathon


I wanted to share with all…. The Skatefresh 2011 Le Mans team that was, had some wicked achievements: Caitlin Evans and Matt Bowden finished their first marathon, pink pacelining the whole way….. Hazel Brocken finished her Midi but then went on to finish the full distance with Caitlin and Matt (just cos she could, loving…(Read More)

Happy 12th Birthday!


This summer skate date with all my friends in Brighton is now the highlight of my skate year. I remember when I lived in London and a trip to Brighton to see my best friend Eve seemed like allot of effort. So when so many people make that effort and come to Brighton for a…(Read More)

Right, I’m home, back at work and re-installed into my skate/work/sleep routine and Le Mans seems like an age ago.  It’s really – UNFAIR!!! I feel like I planned, taught, coached, invited, softly motivated, suggested, bought, sold, serviced, budgeted, chatted, ate, slept and drank Le Mans from the beginning of April…(Read More)

After an eight year absence, Skatefresh returned to the famous Le Mans Ducati race circuit, fronted by Matty and myself to compete in the 24 hours skate race that is now a highlight of the skating calendar. Our team of instructors (Matty, Jason, Asha), dedicated students (Matt B, Caitlin, Min Zaw, Alison, Hazel, Dinesh) and…(Read More)

Jo’s Skate Blog


Before I began working with Skatefresh I was a lifeguard working at a dull little indoor pool – sometimes 7 days a week!!! I skated whenever I could but I didn’t know many skaters and the ones I did know had gone back to Poland and weren’t coming back. I spent a lot of…(Read More)

Le Mans, Training, teaching in 2011 and beyond…….Ok so here we are then, it’s May, and as a London skater I’ve made it through the season starter, skated dressed as a bunny (actually I didn’t this year but you get the idea) and I’m looking forward to a good run…(Read More)

Sunshine in Brighton. Packed beaches. Hoards of students and holiday makers descend on the city to revel in the unique seaside fun that can only be had in Brighton when the sun shines. The skaters also come out to play….. Skating in Brighton this year has seen a steady increase with new beginners starting each…(Read More)

We had a wonderful 2010 at Skatefresh and we wish you a New Year filled with renewed vigour and energy, abundance and happiness. Le Mans 24hr International skate race 2011 Skatefresh is proud and excited to be entering a team of clients and instructors in 2011’s Le Mans 24hr Roller. This huge relay event…(Read More)

It is with great sadness that Skatefresh has to say goodbye to Maya who is leaving London on the 13th October to start her new life in Austria with her man Mathias. Maya joined Skatefresh a few years ago  after completing her ICP  instructor course. Maya was the first new Skatefresh instructor who had not…(Read More)

London 10th-12th September 2010 Congratulations to Nicolas Church (from London) and Johnny Grootaert (from Belgium) who both passed their ICP Level 2 Certification this weekend in London! The ICP Level 2 exam is designed for existing instructors who want to progress to a higher level of theoretical understanding and…(Read More)

After my work with BBC’s Skate Nation last year, I seem to be the BBC’s contact for all things skate related. My latest project was on the set on CBBC’s ‘Sadie J’, a Hannah Montana-esque teenage show with a bit more real life thrown in. Sadie J’s character is played…(Read More)

This summer Skatefresh are involved in an Arts Council funded project called Sound Currents in Walthamstow. This is the second year running Skatefresh has been contracted for this particular project. Children from 6-12 years from the borough have enrolled on the week long programs, learning and exploring a variety of different arts skills including…(Read More)

31st July 2010 Brighton Beach: The morning’s weather didn’t look promising: wet ground, grey clouds and windy. But I had a positive feeling it would improve (aided by the BBC weather team  having the same idea). And so it was. Glorious sunshine (again) for Skatefresh’s Birthday Brighton Beach Skate Day.  The chance…(Read More)

Goodwood Roller Marathon is a charity race around the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit. Organised by the Camberley Skaters, it is now the largest roller marathon in the UK. Which ever race you choose to enter you do not have to complete all the laps so why not set yourself a challenge, you may do more…(Read More)

So there you go then, first a trip to Les Mans, then a revitalisation of personal skating interest, then street skating AND THEN: Marshalling !!!!! Hell yeah!!!!! For many years I’ve wanted to give marshalling on the weekly Street Skates a go; post Les Mans I felt inspired to give it a try. So Wednesday…(Read More)

Eastbourne Extreme 2010


After a very intense and windy Saturday teaching in Brighton I headed to Eastbourne in the evening to join the skate events at Eastbourne’s Extreme festival, featuring multiple different skating disciplines, competitions, demonstrations, classes and fun. I had missed the slalom competitions on Saturday but came in time for the evening roller disco at…(Read More)

Matt at Les Mans 2010


Friday: Day 1 At 5am on Friday morning, I hauled myself out of bed and directly to the shower and then to my rucksack, my snail style home for the next 4-5days… Camping, skating and staying up for 24hrs straight…. Was this a good idea?? Still wondering what I’d let myself in for…(Read More)

You may have noticed the cyclical nature of many events in my life (Brazil in the winter, Amsterdam in April, Madrid in September….) and July is no exception. Every year in July I go to a large private party of some friends and enjoy a weekend of camping, doing shiatsu, dancing under sunshine and stars…(Read More)

Skatefresh is proud to announce that our instructor Matt is participating in the 24hour skate race Le Mans in France this year. By doing so he joins a list of numerous Skatefresh instructors – Asha being one of them (“Never have I done anything so demanding and I just wished I’d trained more first!”)- who…(Read More)

The Trashion Show


I was lucky enough to be invited by my journalist flatmate Olly to go and watch a show as part of Brighton Fashion Week. The show was entitled ‘The Trashion Show’ and involved an unusual but beautiful collection of garments created out of everyday household items and packaging. The show was fast paced and very…(Read More)

I was delighted to be asked to accompany the Madrid based skate school ( on their annual international trip with their clients, this time to Berlin. Working and skating with MadridPatina for me is always great fun as the instructors are my friends and colleagues with whom I can talk about skating, work, teaching…(Read More)

With a volcano erupting and all UK airports still closed the day before departure, it was a miracle that I managed to get out of the UK on her scheduled flight. Unfortunately some clients weren’t as lucky and several chose to stay home for fear of being trapped somewhere as had been the fate…(Read More)

Inline and roller skating is listed as one idea to get fit this summer in the article “Shape up and socialise” which appeared today in the May/June issue of Slimming World, the UK’s most popular slimming magazine. The article suggests that getting fit does not need to come at the cost of socialising…(Read More)

It appears very few of my friends follow the Valentine’s capitalist rush with any diligence. We all know love is about more than gifts and one certain day (which was actually based on the story of two male lovers…- I didn’t know that until this year). After a fabulous Saturday of lessons I…(Read More)