Apps for Inline Skaters & Roller Skaters

Have you ever wondered how to take your skating to the next level? Now you can learn online with Asha’s incredibly popular Tuition Apps, already proven to enlighten you on correct technique, productive practice drills and she even identifies your common problems. Bit like magic?

Asha Kirkby, founder of Skatefresh, has put her years of teaching experience into video format and made her lessons available on your iPhone or Android device. Each App contains a series of high quality, professionally shot video lessons, expert demos with step by step instructions, and some graphics so that your skate time is effective and productive. Common problems for each skill are identified and fixed. The inline apps also include detailed notes and practice summaries. Her classes on Youtube are tiny drops of information. These apps are the river and lake!

Inline App Trailer video here:

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Customer review of Skatefresh App

“Asha’s online trainings are a must for every skater. I was frustrated and stuck, trying to learn with YouTube. Asha’s step-by-step approach was easy to follow and each time I skated with the classes I achieved something new and learned something valuable. I saw the huge (previously invisible) gaps in my skating which when I fixed, changed everything!
I never thought I’d be able to do the Powerslide or the Barrel Roll for example. Asha is a gifted teacher, methodical thinker and excellent communicator as well as an annoyingly smooth (makes it look easy) skater.”
– Samuel, (38) USA

iPhone Apps

Inline Beginner iPhone AppFootage: 43 minutes. A4 Notes 7 pages

Inline Intermediate iPhone AppFootage: 1hr 15mins. A4 Notes 15 pages

Inline Advanced iPhone AppFootage: 1hr 30 minutes. A4 Notes 21 pages